Be prepared for LARGE fines and HARD time if your with me

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Lads, what I'm considering may be thought of as sharing by you and me, but EA would no doubt consider it nothing short of piracy if we were to do this. They use mean words. But, on the upside, it would show them how badly we want Wing Commander. People have tried to make polls and petitions, but EA had not really shown us much love, other than a port of the original WC and a Live Arcade game.
What I propose is we start file sharing ALL our Wing Commander stuff. Regardless of whether you own the item or not, I want you to post all the games, files, patches, anything you have for free download by the masses. We could do it on this forum, or start a new website. Eventually, EA would notice a massive amount of there IP being passed around like a Spartan oracle, and see there is still a killing to be made off of this. They consider the possibility of a new game, we get our cease and desist order, possibly some fines (I'll take the heat on this one) and we all come off happy.

So, who's with me, and who thinks I'm going Coco Loco here.


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Or maybe EA will not consider making a new Wing Commander game because it would just get pirated?


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People have tried to make polls and petitions, but EA had not really shown us much love, other than a port of the original WC and a Live Arcade game.

I'm not sure what's worse - the nitwit plan or this side statement here. EA is incredibly forgiving when it comes to fan projects, mods and everything everyone does here each day. For every published WC product that manages to see the light of day, people at EA have tried hard to bring at least two or three more to bear. It's very diffiuclt to make a case for space sim games these days, but they're definitely trying. You also obviously never saw Star*Soldier. Nobody could read that and ever claim EA hasn't "shown us much love" with a straight face.


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Besides, this site has bunches of Wing Commander items to download - patches, documents, and so forth. They'd be more likely to decide that there'd be no money if we were pirating everything, and deep-six the property, than to make another game.

Besides, what do you think Wing Commander Arena was?


Will mcgruff take the heat for that one? If so Im soo with him! while we are at it can we reduce the taxes on beer?


pirating it just that pirating... you can't buy a pc game now days without entering a cd key and worse being connected to the internet like with Half Life 2.
A way to circomvent piracy and show AE there is still interest is maybe talking to companies like Direct2drive and seeing if it is possible to get WC titles on there sites for new and old gamers. If there was some extra revenue coming from wc to EA maybe they'd see there was still interest and then there wouldn't be such a big legal thing.
Then again D2D sucks too because if you reinstall windows or block your cookies you'r registration gets fried too... But since there is no signs of a re-reliese of any wc titles something like that would be the most practicle.

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I think EA should consider putting out a collector DVD of all the Wing Commander games, but i'm not so sure that piracy is the right way to go to influence EA to do so.
On the other hand, if you missed one in the series, i missed 4 and WCP, then it ain't easy getting your hands on a legal copy.

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No, what someone ought to do is make a kick ass total conversion of Mass Effect or Knights of the Old Republic. EA or Bioware will buy it and make it a proper Wing Commander game, like Valve did with Counterstrike.
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