Battleaxe and Red?


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Hello people,

I'm afraid what I'm looking for isn't exactly Wing Commander. I remember playing a Space Sim which had two huge capital ships and they were called Battleaxe and Red something. It had some quite advanced graphics. I was looking to play it again with DOSBox. I remember some advertising where the pilot had a chewing gum paper flying through his cockpit. I'd be happy if anyone could point me to the proper game.


Rear Admiral
That was Epic. The game is pretty poor overall, it places you in a starfighter so much more powerful than everything else that all tactics and strategy go out the window. Picture taking a Devastator or Vampire back to the pre-WC1 era. And its not true 3D, you cant loop your ship which is annoying in the space battles. Still fun for a while though.

Also, it always crashes for me at the end of the last mission, as soon as the flagship goes up the game dies. Annoying, that. Aside from that, it does work perfectly in DOSbox.