"Banshee" scale model for sale


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Hey guys,

years ago I created this scale model of the Banshee:


(More images: www.andersdenkend.com/zwischenraum/Modellbau/Banshee/)

You may remember it, since it got posted on the wcnews.com main page, iirc. Since I am going to China for the foreseeable future and don't really want to take it with me (and need some extra cash *cough*), I was wondering if someone in here is actually interested in buying it. As much as I still like it, I am planning to build more models in the future anyway. Preferably also WC stuff like a Dralthi, etc. :D

The thing why haven't put it on ebay already is: It's kinda fragile and I am not really sure, how I should safely ship it to its new home. There's this glass box around, which most probably will get killed by the postal service but even if I sell it without and you just get a new glass box (bought this one on ebay for 8 EUR) there's still the possibility that the model itself will kind of fall apart.

Do you guys have any ideas how to do this?


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Well, when do you leave for China? I'm actually going to move for a few months in Germany from the end of September onwards (to Chemnitz), so if there's a possibility of a RL meet-up...


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Man, that's a terrific model. I never really liked the Banshee much, but you made it look spectacular! What kind of price were you thinking (for someone say... in the US)?


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Where are you from and what price point are you considering for the model?


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L.I.F: I will move to China most probably on the 21st of October. That'd give us a window of about a month, to actually meet up. Chemnitz is a bit far from where I live (Ludwigshafen / Mannheim, Germany), but I could at least visit my family or friends over there (Dresden, Zittau area). So that'd be the most convenient way of course.

Klavs81: Thanks a bunch, man! It looks best from afar and the front, since the back is not really accurate due to a lack of skills and references back then. :D Think about it as a "custom" version of the Banshee.

To all: I guess my price point would be at least 250 EUR (approx. 280 USD) since there was a lot of work and especially love involved. I really, really still like the model, but have no space to keep it anywhere. It's a pity, really. But I figured, I should give it to true WC fans at least (instead of selling it on ebay to random dudes).