Banned for three years.


Victory, you say?
Flaming the administrator of a given forum is a proven way to get yourself banned.

But where are the heated debates about WC, anyway?


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I don't remember what I said, or why I said it. I can't find the thread. Personally, though, I don't really give a crap. I'm just happy I can respond to posts again. Lurking sucks.


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Delance said:
But where are the heated debates about WC, anyway?

I can think of my "I'm Back" thread, when I said about the idea that WC I and II should be put onto the PS2 for example


overmortal said:
I got banned for three days once. I know what it's like living on the inside.

Thought you got hit with a full month.

Anyone up for a chorus of Folsom Prison Blues?


gh0d (Administrator)
Why, praytell, was this thread dredged up from over a year and a half ago, to ask something that's about as difficult to determine as trying to make an on-topic post elsewhere?


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Bandit LOAF said:
Holy crap, someone who actually cared was banned for three years? I feel kind of bad about that - all you had to do was e-mail us and we'd have unbanned you (G)

pwnd :p