Back after hiatus


I don't know how many of you may remember me, but I joined here awhile back, and was having a good time talking with you all about Wing Commander. However, I had to take a hiatus until recently, for a few reasons.

My project, "Wing Commander Chronicles," was literally causing me to miss school and not take care of familial responsibilities at home. It was consuming a large portion of my life, and thus, I needed to take a step back.

Playing the ever living daylights out of the games was causing me to stay up late, sleep late, and be in overall poor health. I was playing too much; everything in moderation, as they say. I had to get my school life back on track, as well as things here at home. I also moved into a new house, and was working two jobs for awhile to make ends meet. I'm down to one job again (by choice), and everything is right about where it should be, as far as school, work, and home lives.

I hope to once again become an active member of the WC community, and finish my project before this year's end. Thanks for taking the time to read.


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Good luck on the continued playthrough! The WC games and its fans aren't going anywhere, so you can go at any pace.