Awesome job!


I just wanted to thank everyone involved with this game, I really am impressed. I can tell lots of time and effort went into making this work. I stumbled over a link to your website at sigforum. Although I have only been playing this a day, it is the best fun I have had in a long time, and really brings back those WC memories.

Thank you for your hard work.
I just have to second that! I have been trying to get Privateer to work any way I can (even re-formatting an old computer with MS-DOS) and here I find out that I don't need to. This is an amazing remake that captures the original almost perfectly. Aside from it telling me I can't sell parts because they are damaged even though I just repaired them, I haven't found anything that annoys me. Thank everyone so much for allowing me to re-experience the best PC game ever made!


yeah same here.!
I stubbled across this by chance.

Its a real Gem!

I big thankyou to everyone invoved


My only complaints are only cosmetic things.

And what do i think about this game? Well iirc i broke least 2 joysticks while playing olg game...