Auxiliary Port Closet


Here's the link to the picture so you don't actually need to read IRC logs.

(TC) it'd be great if ports were physical..... and to connect to stuff on the internet you had to plug things into them... you'd be like a switchboard operator. "Now connecting IRC with port 6667 (Ka-Klick)"
(Trelane) hehe
(maxhcca) damn
(LOAF) Well, DS9, back-in-a-bit.
(Trelane) Yeah, like there'd be a giant switchboard and you have to manually connect a wire to IRC
(Trelane) That'd be awesome, it'd probably get rid of all the stupid people on the Internet
(TC) yeah
(TC) I'd probably need to get a bigger room to put all my ports in, though
(TC) hrm... probably not, actually...
(TC) I don't use that many of them
(TC) I could put all but a dozen of them in my auxilliary port closet
(Trelane) yeah, it'd have like over 65,000 holes
(TC) you could have 65 000 little flashing LEDs... that'd be great
(Trelane) yeah
(Trelane) The world needs more things covered with flashing LEDs
(Trelane) and switches and stuff
(TC) damned straight
(TC) especially switches that accidently break things if you don't know what you're doing
(Trelane) They'd be those cool metal switches too
(Trelane) That's like a little joystick that only goes up and down
(Trelane) and they'd make a loud clicking sound when you flip them
(Trelane) hehehe
(TC) Also, the big pull switches, that take both hands to open and close
(Trelane) I wonder if there's anything good on TV tonight
(Trelane) yeah, like the kind they use to turn on electric chairs
(TC) that you use to route, like 50 000 000 Volts
(Trelane) big sparks would shoot out when you turn it on
(TC) and tesla coils
(TC) things should have tesla coils on them
(Trelane) hehehe
(TC) and those things I don't remember the name of that are long, and have an arc of electricity travel up between them looking really cool
(Stormin) jacob's laddars?
(TC) yeah
(Trelane) yeah, that'd be rad
(TC) except spelled right
(Trelane) You could throw your enemies between them
(Stormin) whatever. I don't care about my spelling
(TC) yeah, and use it to guard your auxilliary port closet
(TC) so that you had to use a giant pull switch to turn it off and access the closet
(TC) and see the flashing LEDs
(TC) that'd be the greatest thing ever
(Trelane) hehehe
(Trelane) There should be one of those big metal levers too
(Trelane) That stick out of the floor
(TC) oh yeah
(Trelane) They look sort of like those lego antenna things that can move back and forth
(TC) to open some sort of trapdoor, or release a big weight to fall on someone's head
(Trelane) hehehe
(TC) and those big wheels that you use to open doors on submarines and things
(TC) there could be one of those on the door to the auxiliary port closet
(TC) Someone should draw a picture of this
(TC) I think I shall!
(Trelane) oh yeah
(Viper61) Trelane and TC want to live in a ST:TOS/50's Sci-fi world ;)
(Trelane) There'd be like a giant metal door that's a foot thick or something
(Trelane) and there'd be a giant metal spinny vault thing to open it
(TC) yeah