Authentic Robotech Music


A Macross fan

Ugg, Robotech (bleh) has almost nothing to do with Macross except for the fact that Harmony Gold used the original Macross TV series animation for their show Robotech (as in: they cut and pasted a new script in over the original animation)

Nomad Terror

Rear Admiral
The music is very much different between Macross and Robotech.

The original Macross TV series used a lot of orchestrated military-ish sounding music and then good amounts of J-Pop for Minmei's music.

Robotech used mostly synthesized stuff.

Macross Fan2

You should nab some of the Macross Plus music... it's some of the best I've ever heard (most of it is orchestra)... I'd post links up, but I got it off of P2P...

I'm glad someone is making a macross game playable on an english machine; I'm a huge fan ever since seeing Macross Plus and Macross Zero (what's out so far, neway)... keep up the good work!


Rear Admiral
One of my buddies has spent a great deal of money getting both the Macross and ROBOTECH soundtracks.

Only like two songs from the ROBOTECH tracks were any good, I guess they didn't want to spend any cash for good music for a cartoon.

The Roy Fokker theme was pretty badass though.