Ascii Sector v0.7.1.2 released!

- Fixed bug that caused Gun Boosters and Gun Coolers on the rear turret of capital sized ship to not be removed when sold.
- Fixed bug with locking of missiles when flying a capital sized ship.
- Fixed the player's inventory weight carrying over from the previous game when starting a new game.
- Fixed bug with moving stuff from backpack to locker.
- Fixed non-visible parts of walls sometimes being drawn.
- Fixed bug with jump distance from Loye to Baranda.
- Fixed bug with a ship sometimes jumping outside of the jump point if it was attacked while charging for the jump (and also ships landing far away from the base/planet, if they were attacked while landing).
- Fixed bug that would allow you to transfer 90 units of cargo to a pirate ship when it should only be able to hold 60.
- Fixed bug with walking diagonally into the cargo terminal by using left + down and the player not being repositioned correctly when exiting the cargo terminal afterwards, leaving a "ghost" of the player on the original tile.
- Fixed bug with scrolling through missions on the nav computer using Home and End when you have a quest mission.
- Fixed some cases of 'reverse' scrolling with the mouse wheel.
- Fixed combat mode not auto-engaging if you knock a gun away.
- Fixed Confed and Militia ships scanning you for contraband even though they're hostile towards you.
- Fixed NPCs spawning inside hotel rooms (again!).
- Fixed bug that allowed NPC ships to fire Dumbfire missiles in quick succession.
- Fixed issue with weapon selection if the weapon in your right hand is a Kilrathi Gun or Rifle.
- Fixed issue with not being engaged to my girlfriend. I now am.
- Wingmen shouldn't get involved in dogfights with friendly ships because of accidental fire as often anymore.
- Improved friendly fire checks so that only weapons fire from a hostile ship will impact a target. This applies to the player's AI controlled turrets as well.
- Added persistent fleets that can move around, change control of systems, engage enemy fleets, head back for repairs and rebuilds, and so on (currently only the Confeds and Pirates have fleets, but the Retros and Kilrathi will also get fleets in future versions).
- Randomly generated ships are now based on the factions controlling the various systems as well as some other factors. The control of systems is displayed on the system maps in the Quine and nav computer.
- Swapped the faction colors of Militia and Retros: Retros are now purple and Militia are white. This is in preparation for Retros having fleets and taking control of systems and white not being a good color for showing system control on the maps.
- Changed game name from "Privateer: Ascii Sector" to just "Ascii Sector".
- New icons and logo.
Thus begins your grand plans for world domination, I mean, your own IP? :)

Nice to see you've still been working on this.
Hehe, yep. Well, so far only the name has been changed. IP-wise, the bigger changes will happen in the v0.8 branch when I start implementing the story and plot missions.
v0.7.0.1 released

v0.7.0.1 released

- Fixed bug with "invisible" ships (ships that were no longer active but would still block weapons fire and other ships).
- Fixed "division by zero" crash when trying to determine whether or not a fleet should attack a new fleet that has just started construction (and therefor has an offensive strength of zero).
- Updated the manual with the new name and logo.
Yeah, kind of an embarrassing bug. I could have avoided it by checking that the variable divided by was larger than zero, but it was supposed to never be zero and if I'd done that check, it wouldn't have crashed and I wouldn't have noticed the much larger bug that was the cause of it. A blessing in disguise, I guess. :)
v0.7.0.2 released!

- Fixed bug that caused the "division by zero" crash that was fixed in the last version (this fixes the cause of the crash, the previous fix just avoided the actual crash).
- Fixed bug with characters on a base also appearing on board your ship when you landed after having boarded a ship.
- Fixed bug with automatic destination nav point change if a fleet that you had previously selected as your destination leaves the system.
- Fixed pirate Talons that had cargo but no cargo hold.
- Retros spawned on board ships are now also purple instead of white.
- Added mouse scroll wheel support for selling stuff at the equipment shop.
- Added news filters to the Quine.
Heh, just saw the news on the front page when I came here to announce the latest release! :D


- Fixed infinite loop bug when jumping.
- Fixed disappearing wingman bug.
- Fixed bug that caused messed up ship names on the target display.
- Fixed bug that caused non-locked missiles fired by the player to not impact neutral or friendly ships.
- Fixed minor bug with the Join Raid mission (sometimes the mission details in the Quine or nav computer would state the wrong number of Hunters).
- Fixed bug that allowed you to move stuff from your backpack to the locker wherever you are.
- Fixed various bugs with fleet event news entries.
- If a Militia or Confed ship gets attacked while scanning for contraband, it will now stop scanning and engage the attacker instead of continuing the scan.
- Ejected Retros are now also purple when scooped.
- If a fixer's mission has expired, he will now tell you so instead of allowing you to still accept the mission.
- Redid the redout effect when your ship's armor is hit.
- Captives can no longer be transfered to the Lucky Lady.
- The Lucky Lady casino ship is now mentioned on the system and sector maps.
- You can now quit the game by closing the window.
- Comm messages won't affect a fleet ship's attitude anymore.
- Ejected pilots from a fleet ship now have the attitude of the fleet's faction, not the ship they ejected from.
- Used Brilliance Ampules and Refined Ultimate can now be combined to take up less space (like ammo clips).
- If an enemy ship has retreated once, it won't do it again.
- For missions that require you to deliver cargo to a ship, the amount of cargo will now always be in accordance with the target ship's type.

- Fixed bug with newly built ships not getting the attitude of their lead ship.
- Fixed bug that would crash the game when a fleet was trying to attack a fleet under construction but with no active ships yet.
- Made sure fleets will only be built in a system that's under the faction's control -- not just occupied.

- Fixed bug with character pathfinding that could crash the game after many launches and landings in one gaming session.
- Fixed bug that made it impossible to dock with a quest ship with the DontMove order.
- Fixed some instances of weight of grenades not being subtracted from your inventory weight when thrown into water or exploding in your hand/backpack. Also fixed weight issue when combining ammunition, ultimate or brilliance clips/containers.
- Fixed instances of the player recovering more than max health.
- Live grenades in your backpack and locker now explode and emit smoke.
- Moving a target character to a ship and then destroying the ship should now result in the mission being completed.
I just don't want you to think no-one cares for your progress. I know what it is to post stuff and have no-one even care to post back.