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Hmm, I think the idea was that with the Shok'lar the Kilrathi had a fighter that could effectively battle any other fighter, regardless of it's size and with the Wraith and its Leeches, Confed had a ship that could battle any other fighter.

True, the Leech could be avoided thanks to chaff pods/stealth and they were limited to two but if they hit, they were incredibly powerful. Strip a Goran of its shields with one hit and then let those Reaper and Particle Cannons rip apart the armour.
Chaff pods came in limited numbers too.


it was the shok'lar (which had nothing on the wraith). anyway, it was 9 years ago that i heard screaming germans... sometimes... in german.

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The leech would win a deathmatch in seconds if used properly (fire a leech as soon as the battle starts and your opponent is disabled, swing around and kill him with a few gun hits).


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LOAF, I recall that leeches worked a bit different in each game, do you remember exactly what they did in each instance?

PS: hey, dyret, are you a System Shock 2 fan too?


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Edfilho said:
PS: hey, dyret, are you a System Shock 2 fan too?

I love it :D

I wish i could make System Shock 1 work as well.
I have tried different options in VDM sound, but it just doesnt work. :(

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Leech missiles in Academy and Armada knock out the enemy ship's shields.

In WC3 and WC4 they 'disable' the ship alltogether.

In WC3:3DO there are 'Vampire' missiles which knock out blocks of shields.


Yeah, I hated the algorithim time for pure curiousity I tried the quick combat. It sucked...miserably. I sent 93 arrows against a Kilrathi task force of 8 Gothri, 3 something and 2 something else's and the quick combat decided all my arrows were obliterated while inflicting only 3 casualties...that's not very realistic. I don't care how good a pilot you are...going against 93 arrows is going to rip you apart...

Well... they are the cheaper crappier Arrows compared to the WCIII ones... but yes, that kind of does suck.


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Edfilho said:
PS: hey, dyret, are you a System Shock 2 fan too?

Count me in on that score (though I'm probably more of a fan of the original)


I used to play armada splitscreen with my firend, which kinda made the strategy part pretty useless unless we left the room during eachother's turn.