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Afternoon, all.

One of the big problems with creating all those counter sheets is that I really didn't have any specific pnp games in mind when I did them. True, I was pretty sure I could use some of them with TacOps (and later WCRPG), but the vast majority of them would be sitting unused for who knows how long. So, I decided since no games yet existed that would take advantage of those counters, I should probably make a few. And a pnp adaptation of Armada seemed like a good place to start.

I'm happy to announce that I completed the first draft of Wing Commander Armada: PNP this afternoon. The rules are currently online at the WCRPG wiki, at . The game is a reasonably faithful adaptation of the original (at least in my humble opinion). Of the counter sheets, it only requires the logo sheet (used as "Production Points" and "Claim Tokens") and the Armada Strategic sheet. I will probably need to work up some custom maps at some point; right now the rules suggest using the maps available from CIC. I also plan to create a PDF version of the rules at the earliest possible time.

The game is a first draft and it has yet to really be playtested at all (though I did do a pretty thorough check of the combat system while drafting the long combat example), so I'd definitely appreciate some help on that front. Anyone who has any comments, questions, concerns, complaints, etc. regarding the game may reply to this thread.

I hope y'all like it, share and enjoy, and so forth...
Finished transcribing the first draft Armada: PNP rules into a PDF file. Kinda hoping this causes discussion to pick up on the game; haven't got a lot of feedback on it so far.


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#cast_spell_of_greater_thread_necromancy. (Natural 1. Dammit.)

Thought I'd share with y'all the reason why I haven't been working on Elegy all that much lately. I have for the last week or so been working on a VASSAL mod version of Armada PNP. Probably the mod's biggest feature is the inclusion of every one of the Sector maps from not just the original Armada Campaign mode, but the main storyline sector maps as well - so if you ever wanted to play a game of Armada in Vega Sector, Gemini, Enigma...Sol......the mod will let you do that. The mod includes a battle board that automatically tracks combat strengths as you play, saving the headache of having to make that calculation yourself. It's a standard VASSAL mod, so you can connect and play with other folks all around the world through the VASSAL server.

It's almost ready to go; I've got one outstanding problem that I'm hoping to resolve soon with how it calculates the strength ratio, and then it'll be ready (integer division's involved; I'm trying to figure out how to recast them as floats). I'll be sure to provide the link when it's up and ready to go.

I see the mod as a possible springboard for a larger Armada-esque strategic game, and so I would like some folks to try out the mod, tell me what they think about it, suggest changes, etc. If you do ultimately try it out, please tell me about the experience. Like I said - once it's up I'll share the link. Meantime, I've added a few pictures of a game in progress:


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Finally got my issues with the strength ratio calculator worked out, and a revised version of the mod is up at the link above.


Battle board in use, with the scenario indicated in the rules' "A Longer and More Thorough Explanation of Combat" section in progress.