Armada ON-LINE


I have found the following quote in PiArmada thread:

ChrisReid said:
There have been a number of threads about the project, but the last release was a couple months ago and not much has changed since then. PiArmada isn't bad, though I'm surprised more people aren't playing the original Armada online now.

Can we really play Armada online today?? :D

Someone is currently doing? How??


Uuuh, it's a very recent news. I think I should have been more attentive at them!!

Thanks alot!!


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I'm still surprised how many people don't play, but I think the instructions and methods to get it all set up sound daunting to most people. We can walk people through it in #Wingnut, though following the directions in the News should do it for most people. If you find me, HCl, Halman or Bradmick in #Wingnut, we can probably play sometime too.