Armada Highlighted in German Promo Vid (October 4, 2019)


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Deathsnake was recently trolling the archives of the German magazine PC Player and came across a neat video on Wing Commander Armada. The clip is brief and in German, but it represents what would have been super cutting edge at the time. There's a small handful of contemporary videos with WC3 info, but clips on Armada are especially rare.

Now we're used to getting fancy trailers and streaming gameplay previews months before release on any game imaginable, but the world was very different 25 years ago. PC Player was one of the first magazines to distribute a CD-ROM that had short multimedia clips such as this in an era where standard television broadcasts were the only time you'd see video content, and there was no gaming material to speak of. In special cases you may have been able to go to a software store and see one of these discs playing on repeat. You can use an app like Google Translate to figure out exactly what he's saying, but the gist comes across fairly well. As an extra bonus, Deathsnake also found a Chris Roberts clip from the late '90s.

Back in the days of 1994! PC Player was the first magazine with a CD-ROM and Reviews & Previews in video format. They had a database and here I upload an old review of Wing Commander Armada. This video was done in that month of release. ;)

Also upload from E3 1997: a short interview with Chris Roberts about Freelancer.

Original update published on October 4, 2019