ARG! (Somewhat of an annoyed rant)


This isn't really a question, or a problem (well it is, but it isn't something anyone can really fix in the near future...) Its just an annoyance...

I was playing aroung in the WC3 game files, not really doing anything specific. I saw a JEMM error message and thought back to a conversation in the General CZ where we discussed why there was a JEMM.ovl file on the WC3 CD (in the end, the general decision was that it was probably not used, but was legacy from a previous version). I thought it a little odd that an error message for a file that wasn't used was in the game binary. So I screwed around a bit more and decided to see what happened if I ran WC3.exe in a directory where there was no jemm.ovl file. Lo an Behold I get an error message saying that it can't find the JEMM overlay. So there I am thinging... 'Hmm... It uses JEMM and can be played in windows... I wonder if the overlay is compatible with privateer and armada'. So... I drop to DOS. And I copy stuff around until I have the wc3 jemm overlay file in the privateer directory... I run privateer and *poof* nothing. Computer's hung. So, I boot back into Windows and compare the overlays. Privateer uses JEMM version 4.35, WC3 version 5.00. Now, if it had been a small rebuild there may have been a chance to modify the file for use with privateer... But the file is radically different :(. All that I gained from this fultile excersize was the version numbers of the JEMM overlays that were used (WC4 and 3 use 5.00, Privateer uses 4.35 and Armada uses 4.42), the fact that its copyright 1992 and written by one Jason M Yenawine.

If they'd just made version 5 of JEMM earlier privateer and Armada may have been nicely Windows compatible :(. All I can say is

Well a lot of people here would love to know how you got priv to run in windows 95. And as TC said the file isn't just a little different its totally different making it near impossible to patch.
Has anyone been able to figure out a way to get the original WC2 to work under Win9x. Hell, I can't even get it to install properly anymore, and I hate the KS version, some help please
There's no reason WC2 shouldn't run in Windows, I do it all the time. You just need enough conventional memory and some EMS.

TC, what sort of configuration settings do you have on your computer as far as EMS are concerned, and when running WC2 on a high performance computer, is it normal speed or is it too fast, if so, is there any way to bring the game to normal speed???????
But the speed isn't really a problem.... The characters just seem to have drunk too much coffee. Sound and captioning in cutscenes should work fine, as should all gameplay, as the game engine has a speed limiter.