Arena Not Appearing on Xbox One (June 11, 2019)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
It's E3 week, so that means the news has been full of gaming announcements. There's lots of new AAA games and cutting edge hardware that grab the most headlines, but a minor note in the Microsoft lineup caught our attention. The latest batch of Xbox/Xbox 360 backwards compatibility updates for Xbox One will be the last. This means that Wing Commander Arena won't be making the jump to the current generation of consoles. It was always a long shot, but with more than 600 games ported over in the past several years, there were some really awesome obscure titles included that gave us some hope. There would have been some nice advantages such as enhanced team/party chat, built-in screenshot/video capture and just an overall commitment to sustained longevity on the platform. As it is, it's already quite impressive that the game is still fully supported on Xbox Live after nearly twelve years. In fact, it was only just released in Japan earlier this year!

Ostensibly, the reason for discontinuing the Xbox 360 focus is so that the team can focus on ensuring the entire current gen catalog works on the next generation of systems. Although perhaps even less likely than showing up the Xbox One, it's not impossible that Arena could eventually show up there. Just a few years ago, Microsoft was firmly against compatibliity between generations - and things have drastically improved since then. And stranger things have happened!

You can still buy Wing Commander Arena here!

Original update published on June 11, 2019