Appreciating Asymmetrical Aerospace Art (October 9, 2021)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Today we celebrate off-centered spaceship cockpits: the Tarsus and Galaxy from Privateer and the Kor-Larh from Wing Commander Armada! Now we'd be able to display these double cockpits head on with a fancy widescreen monitor.

There was a question on Twitter:

Marc Callan: Interesting that in the Privateer side-by-side cockpits, they put the pilot's seat on the right. Wonder what influenced that decision?

Wow, interesting question! Odd choice as planes are typically flown from the left seat. And a US-based team so it’s not based on a car. I went back to the concept art to check and found it was originally a single-seater and that the double seat idea originated with the Galaxy!

Original update published on October 9, 2021


Rogue Leader
I never really thought about the LHD vs RHD aspect, and when I played Privateer for the first time I would have been way too young to drive. It is indeed curious that the alignment was chosen as it was, contrast with something like Final Fantasy XV made by a Japanese team where they drive on the left side of the road but they deliberately wanted to evoke the feeling of a 'road trip through the US' hence the decision to make cars in the game drive on the right and measure distance in miles.


Funny fact, the right hand Korlarh cockpit with the topographical map was the reason I used its space frame as a reference for the naktarg shuttle in the gemini sector RPG. :)