Anyone there already has family (spouse + kids)?

I have 2 kids, married 11 years. My daughter wants to play the wc series, already have her up on the wc1 & 2 on her laptop. she is a true wingnut.
Thank you. Yes, all children are annoying when they are young. These children we are talking about are boys aged 9 and 11, so no, they don't necessarily have the maturity level to realize that they are making a nuisance out of themselves by making the kind of comments I wrote in the above post. I posted because I was hoping to find some real advice, but I guess not, so thanks anyhow.

You do have some points, but with every generation they are smarter then you are, if they can see your shield configuration they know what they are talking about and have studied the game you are playing. You probably have smart kids.

I work with kids(though mostly adults who have a kids brain), if you are upset, let them fly, and don't feel bad when they outperform you :)
Just download the updates from the CIC and DosBox.

Would you be so kind as to educate me on this? I ask here instead of PM because the answer may assist someone else, also. I will make the same request later in PM, if necessary.

Thanks in advance.
OH BY THE WAY, in answer to the original question, 13 year old daughter. She is VERY annoying in the over the shoulder comment category, "Ha ha, you got your butt whipped", stuff like that. But I'm glad she's there. And I do the same to her to her every once in a while.

Little payback.:D
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You guys complain about it, but seriously I'd love to have what you do. I have a little cousin who is like that, but thats it. I'm planning on proposing to my girl soon, but honestly I came very close once. I'd love to just have a kid or two i could torture with this game.