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Discussion in 'Standoff' started by badmojo90, May 16, 2018.

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    not sure if anyone still replies on this at all to be honest.
    so ive been steaming the wing commander series lately, and i decided in the process i would stream standoff in line with the other games even though its a fanmade game it fits perfectly with the wing commander timeline.
    sadly i have run into a game breaking bug within the first few missions. :(
    the mission is to escort the gladi and lionheart to the jump point and let them jump out of system, but after i autopilot there the game basically does nothing. it doesnt lock up or freeze or anything like that. they all just kind of sit there flying around, no event triggers, no bad guys, nothing.

    if anyone has an idea how to fix this at all i would be very grateful :/
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    Amos, Qu├ębec
    Well, if you can provide us with a way to replicate the bug so we can fix it, we'd be very grateful ! :) The Prologue is probably the part of the game that has been most extensively tested , so I am surprised it could still contain a bug. What version of the game are you playing ? The version number is written in the launcher titlebar.

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