Anyone played Tachyon: The Fringe?

Now I've completed that game again (with both sides - yeh!), and I found I really do like it. Imagine that!

And now, the Stinger.

[Mission: The Cruise Liner, or something like it. A tour through Twilight.]
Liner: "Let's give our escort pilot a warm applause!" *CHEER!*
Jake: [Sarcastic] Whopee!

Sweet. Sweetness.
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Don't remember it being buggy when I played it, but it was a pain to pass. Can't remember what I ended up doing, although I think part of it involved spending lots and lots of time in the blind spots of turrets.

IIRC the problem was that once you fired one non leeching shot in that mission before the chapel jumped out (even after being allowed to do so) then it would never jump.

Similar in that mission where you had to follow that Daemon fighter and protect the shuttle when landing if the shuttle was hit once (but not destroyed) then it wouldn't finish the landing ever.
There were Two problems with that game. First they should of had Automatic Ship traffic just traveling through space by default there is always traffic........and they should be the same ones too. The other problem is i wish you could actully play your favorite missions again. you have to do the whole campaign over again just so you can experience your fav missions
The thing I hated was the wingmen. In order to get a wingman in the first place, you had to pay a hefty retainer fee. Then the wingmen got a cut of your profits. But some missions were completely unsuited for using wingmen in (and any you brought along would probably die instant deaths). To avoid that, you had to fire your wingman, which meant that you had to shell out another retainer fee the next time you wanted a wingman. And since the 'unsuitable' missions occurred quite frequently, you were basically reduced to shelling out prohibitive retainers every couple of missions in order to use a wingman.

It would have been nicer, imho, if you could decide before the mission started whether you were going to take your retained wingman along with you or not without having to fire and then rehire the wingman later on.