Anyone played Tachyon: The Fringe?


Well, have you?

I think they have some of the coolest looking ships in this game. At least the Galspan ones. I like the Cruiser and the Destroyer.

Although the Carrier-Design has given me some ideas for a wing-commander concept...

Yes i own that game and was a big Part of the multiplayer system. I was (NR)Valor(NS) in there but now its kinda dwindled down a bit to 20-30 players online at a time. The graphics were kinda interesting but not too facinating. The best thing about that game is that Star Patrol Enforcer.
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I've plaid the demo, it's pretty cool.
Hey, now there's a thought: WC Ships with *plaid* color schemes! (esp. apropos for ships w/ names like "TCS Bonnie Heather", "TCS Bannockburn", etc.) :D
I can elaborate on this later, but Tachyon is a very good game. It's quite linear, but does a great job not looking like it. It could be developed into a freeform game.
They did a fair job in that game of giving it something of a Privateer feel, and when you've got a voice actor like Bruce, that's the way to go!
A great game. The story plot was good, models looked great, and flight dynamics were excellent.

What is not desirable is the lack of ability to explore the various sectors after finishing jobs, your only left with mega gate passes. And when you do use the mega gate passes, it does not let you fly to the gate, and fly to the next region. Instead it has this silly short begining of taking off, then you are panned around your ship and the screen closes to black, and suddenly your on the next starbase. :( "BOOOOO!"

I also think that the game should have let you land manually after entering the bases. This would have been simple to incorporate into the game since there are various landing platforms to land on during game play, so why not at the end of missions when you return to base?!!!

The multiplayer is great! But sorry, your going to have to just guess who I am in that one, as well as Freelancer. :p

About as much as my rear end looks like a ham sandwich, Concordia. The designs were completely different.
I played Tachyon a while ago. What got to me was that the stations were HUGE! Totally, indiscriminately, unfathomably ENORMOUS! Besides that, there were some remarks from our Jake that cracked me up for a second or two. Not the best space-game ever, though.
The best thing about Tach was the Music. I loved the battle marches for Bora and Galspan. some of the Explore Music too.
The bases were huge, and completely hideous in a couple cases. I did like the music, and of course Bruce Cambell saved the game from being total crap.
Campbell does some very good voice actiing, spec. in the missions against the crazy baron, also very well acted.
Yep that pegasus fighter (i think thats the one) appears everywhere.. the one thst also in Starlancer on the box art and as the Dralthi in the WC Movie :)
Hajod:Welcome to the Slaver Space
Jake:Yeah let me speak to the Baron
Hajod:This IS the Baron

(talking to pirates)
Jake: D'you know how many times I've heard that? Listen, fellas, in the next life, mind your own business, OK?

Jake:So all i have to do is protect the Valiant from a Space Station.......yeah all ALONE

Jake:Ooo so you sent me on a mission without knowing this man was crazy!! yeah im feeling alot of confidence in this group right now.

Jake:Wow thats a Big Gun

Hajod:A kill that bringer of agony(he said something like that)
Jake:whoa whoa just a know what they say about shooting the messenger.
And probably my favorite (for no particular reason)...

"That's the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel!!"

Interesting game, although I didn't think it went far enough with the freeform element.
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And probably my favorite (for no particular reason)...
"That's the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel!!"

Indeed. That scene is probably th best in the whole game. Shame that the mission is rather buggy, at least up to the last patch I used, which was version H IIRC. Spend hours to find a way around it.
Don't remember it being buggy when I played it, but it was a pain to pass. Can't remember what I ended up doing, although I think part of it involved spending lots and lots of time in the blind spots of turrets.
Tachyon was a classy game, I loved the way you could play through the entire game from both sides of the war, either in Galspan or as part of the Bora, imagine how good a Wing Commander game would've been (WC2 especially) if you'd been able to completely replay it from the Kilrathi perspective.

The voice acting as excellent, weapons were simple and few but diverse (loved the railgun, not exactly practical) and a good variation of missions, I always looked foward to the next round of the Arena tournament :D