Another question for you guys about my RPG

If you guys could, please write a small summary on the ships from each era. Or specificly the ones you liked. And please, dont be biased on them. I need it for helping me balance the shiplist for my WC BF(Wing Commander Board Fleets)

It'll be greatly appreciated. If you guys want. I can post what I have of the Confed Stage 2 Shiplist and you can tell me if it feels right
I'll just go with ships I like for 500, Alex.

The Banshee, a light, very maneuverable fighter with a stormfire for actually doing damage, and lasers as backup. There's only one little problem. Against heavier ships like the Excalibur, you're kinda in trouble due to the fact that the Banshee has too little armor to survive for too long.

The Dragon, what can I say? Cloaking, heavy armor, heavy weapons, one problem, expense, and it's kinda illegal, being as it was used in the bioweapons raid...

The Thunderbolt, a pretty good bomber, but it's slow, and it's big. It's literally putting a 'kick me' sign on your ass.

The Excalibur...heavy weapons, err...IS there any shortcomings about it? I forgot...

The Hellcat, it's pretty maneuverable, can hold it's own against heavier ships, but it's not the best choice to attack a large gathering of enemy ships with...

The Pirahna, a newer, really fast light fighter, with weak weaponry (2 lasers, 1 ion, 1 stormfire or 3 ions...take your pick), and little armor and shields. It's dead.
Hmm... can you be a bit more specific on the era? I'd love to help, but I'm loathe to write up 45 ship descriptions without knowing a bit more first. :)
The Era's I really need are WC3 and Up.
I just need a little help for balancing the shiplist so some ships dont seem stronger then they really are
My favourite ship is the Excalibur...

There are two versions of the Excalibur, the F-101 in Wing Commander III - it has 4 Tachyon Cannons and 2 Reaper Cannons..

In WC4 it replaces the Reaper Cannons with Ion Cannons.

My second. favourite ship is the Dragon (for obvious reasons... Cloaking, and Fission Cannons :D )
I always enjoyed a good romp in an Arrow. Light, maneuverable, and fast. The twin lasers and ion canons provide a significant sting, but not neccessarily a punch, persay. The advantage is that it can keep pace with all but the most nimble ships, and can easily outmaneuver the aim of most turreted weapons (especially on fighters). The eight missiles provide emergency firepower, or just a handy suckerpunch. The light shields and armor are only a problem if you sit still long enough for the enemy to draw a bead on you! The most debilitating drawback is the low number of ecm pods (16). If you're up against a missile-happy idiot, you may be in for a rough ride, unless you can ruin his shit quicker than he can drop missiles at you.

Few ships are as useful at the Panther. With twinned tachyon and plasma guns (I may possibly be wrong about the guns?), along with eight IR missiles and eight FF missiles, this vessel's decent shields and armor will allow you to go nose to nose with any lesser ship and come out unscathed. In the even that you're up against a hefty slugger, the advanced yaw rate makes any dogfight a breeze, while the guns still deliver enough of a punch to ruin someone's day with a decided quickness. It's top speed is good, though not the best, and the afterburners may not be the fastest, but they deliver, sure enough. From any assignemt ranging from patrol, intercept, melee, or strike, this heavy fighter, in the hands of a capable pilot, can hold it own for extended periods.
overmortal said:
With twinned tachyon and plasma guns (I may possibly be wrong about the guns?)
Two tachyons and two ions. The CIS 'S' variant came with two chain ions and two cloudbursts.
Looks like everyone is chipping in a ship apiece :). Lets go with the one I have for the Thud:

WC3 era
HF-66 Thunderbolt VII Heavy Fighter
The Thunderbolt VII is little more than a flying gun platform. Less maneuverable than the Arrow and the Hellcat, the ‘Thud’ carries a forward armament capable of downing a small capship in one pass, not to mention any medium or heavy fighter that fails to elude this beast. Carrying two meson blasters, two photon guns, and two plasma guns, this heavy fighter brings to bear more weapons energy than any Confed fighter (excluding the Excaliber) circa 2669. If this wasn’t enough to make Kilrathi capship commanders cower, this gunship not only has the heaviest shields of any Confed fighter, it also carries a torpedo slung under its belly, making this ship a threat to both fighters and heavy capital ships. The Thud isn’t all roses though. The heavy hardpoint of the torpedo limits the missile capacity of this heavy fighter to 6 medium missile hardpoints, which is a major hindrance to the Thud’s dogfighting longevity. The many upfront energy weapons exhibit a huge drain on the capacitors when fired at full salvo, requiring a pilot to be extremely accurate with limited, high-powered bursts. The shields, though the heaviest of any fighter in service, are extremely slow to regenerate. The heavy armament and armor come at a heavy price for the Thunderbolt. The severely hampered maneuverability and slow top speed of the heavy fighter allow most light fighters to outrun and outmaneuver this gun-heavy piece of machinery. The mass driver turret in the rear keeps a pilot’s six clear but the sides, where the fighter’s armor is thinnest, are left exposed. This poses a problem if a Thud is jumped by a few eights of Darkets during a mission. Although, it has its shortcomings, the Thud is favored by many flyers, a fact shown by the amount of pilot requests to transfer to Thunderbolt-laden heavy squadrons.

WC4 era
The Kilrathi War era gunship got a little tune up during the post-war years. The Thunderbolt’s forward gun allotment was changed to include twin photon guns and quad plasma guns, putting the Thud on par with the Sunday punch of the Excaliber. Still supporting strong shields, a decent missile allotment, and with the new wicked gun armament, the Thunderbolt can still make short work of any fighter out there, as long as a pilot can maneuver the lumbering Thud into place to take the shot.

WCP era
As of the beginning of the Nephilim Incursion of 2681, the aging Thunderbolt is being phased out of front-line service, making way for the new breed of Confederation technology. Having its forward guns changed to include two tachyon cannons and quad ion cannons relegates its energy weapons punch to Kilrathi War status. This downgrade in offensive weaponry soon proved to be a poor decision, as more and more were called into service against the superior forces of the Nephilim. The addition of an unguided rocket pod to the Thud’s arsenal gives it a little more sting, but this doesn’t make up for the severely limited armor protection of the older fighter. Also, the single torpedo from the earlier variants has been replaced with three light torpedo hardpoints, increasing the heavy fighters strike capability. The Thunderbolt can’t compete with the newer Panthers or even the Tigershark, but its effectiveness in combat has never been questioned since its introduction.

Well, I feel the need to pitch in my ideas. My favorite fighter, which is truly underused, is the F-104A Bearcat Heavy Fighter. Armed with 4 light Tachyon cannons, with hard points for eight missiles, good speed and decent shields. Bearcat also maintains a high degree of maneuverability with sacrificing armor, for tough furballs, it's hard to go wrong with a Bearcat.
While most bombers aren't much good in a dogfight, the Devastator is a rude awakening of an exception! This mammoth slugger has the shields and armor to take the most brutal abuse, and come out fighting. The low top speed and afterburn will present a problem for anyone who relies on speed and maneuverability to take a target. Armed with a six light torpedos, four heavy torpedos, along with FF and IR missiles and a slew of mines, the Devastator has enough munitions to crack any bug carapace. However, it's up-front guns aren't to be taken lightly. For those who prefer to put as much shot into space as possible, a stormfire cannon is mounted, which delivers a small but constant sting to sluggish targets. However, for those who are adept at deflection shots, the massive plasma cannon slung under the nose is a beast-killer. The slow refire rate and hungry power consumption, however, make her an "unforgiving mistress". As unforgiving as this gun may be, if she connects with your target, you can kiss it goodbye. Even capship components aren't safe from it!

Also to be noted about the Devastator is that it has more turrets than a Kilrathi corvette (and, honestly, about as much shields, armor, and maneuverability). If you're creative with the use of your turrets, this ship can go it alone against a wing of Morays (those missile-happy shit-heads on Nightmare) and come out relatively untouched. Unless you take too many missiles up the ass, which will, at that point, present a problem.
Sure, I'll put one in.


Kilrathi Light Fighter. Very Small amount of Guns, just 2 mesons and hardly any missiles. Weak armor and shields round out a pretty crappy ship. It's Manuverability isn't enough to save it. Stick with a Dralthi IV.
I'll add one,

Scimitar Medium Fighter

Armed with 2 mass drivers and two lasers. It has average speed, average manuvrability, average armament, average armor and average shields.
Basically It's average but still an effective medium fighter
Armed with 2 mass drivers and two lasers.

Older Scimitars have two (well, technically three) lasers... newer ones have two mass drivers. I don't think there's a version with *both* sets of guns :)
I was mistaken about the guns, it has eiether two lasers or two mass drivers.

Alright I'll put a modern one in.

Piranha Light Fighter.

Well armed and possesing great speed and manuvrebility with average armor and shields, with 4? hardpoints, the Piranha is excellent in missions such as patrol, light escort and bomber defence.
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Bandit LOAF said:
Older Scimitars have two (well, technically three) lasers...
I never understood why they didn't just swing the ship around and shoot instead of dropping the robotic arm laser to take pot shots at the others Scims :)

Ugh, stupid robot arm. :) I'm thinking that maybe it's a special weapons package of some sort... that you can load in a missile hardpoint or something.