Another Arena Impression (February 23, 2007)

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Team Xbox has posted a two-page hands-on preview of Wing Commander Arena! This preview differs from an earlier such article posted by GameSpot in that it's more focused on how the game works for existing Xbox fans: it includes paragrahs on things like what some of the Achievements included in the release are. Here's the verdict:
In the course of a couple of hours, we were able to try out a number of the single-player and multiplayer modes. Most of the action was smooth, despite many of the battles comprised of a dozen people in a confined area, all firing missiles at each other. Frame-rate glitches and camera foibles occurred, but EA Canada’s Penney explained that there’s still time in the development cycle for these to be cleaned up before the game becomes publicly available. While EA hasn’t offered a firm release date, a person close to the project told TeamXbox that it’s being groomed for posting to Marketplace around May. Similarly, no pricing was indicated other than the standard statement that it’ll be in line with other XBLA offerings.

Original update published on February 23, 2007
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There's some good quotes in the article.

The news that Electronic Arts is introducing a fresh game in the Wing Commander series for Xbox Live Arcade will be welcome to hard-core fans. However, after getting some hands-on time with the title, we’re confident that even players who’ve never heard of Wing Commander before will have no trouble getting right into it.

While Wing Commander Arena may not have depth of story and characters, its depth is in the gameplay.

Of course, as with any XBLA title, there’ll be 200 points available through a selection of achievements—and spread across the gameplay modes. Among the ones we noted were points for 15 kills in Melee; taking out five others in a ranked match without dying; reaching Level 10 without taking hull damage; and for shooting down the first pilot in an Xbox Live battle.
Sorry, for some reason my work-based proxy is blocking out the option to post a new thread otherwise I would create a new thread for this question but here it is, Does anyone know if WC Arena will support split screen play? I think this would be a great party game and if I could play it split screen with some friends in the house I think that would be incredible. A split screen xbox live enabled game would be even better (ala Halo 2 or GRAW guest accounts). Is this something that might be available?