Announcement: Wing Commander Interactive Fiction Project


Hi everyone,

I would like to announce a project I've started working on. The main objective for the project is to recreate "Holding the Line," the acclaimed fan fiction project, in an interactive environment. To do this, I will recreate the story in TADS (Text Adventure Development System), by Michael J. Roberts.

Using this system has several advantages:
- It is easy to learn, and therefore I4ve already started coding the prologue, proceding quite nicely.
- It has support for sound and images, to add to the atmosphere.
- It has a decent interpreter (okay, that was lame).

As you will probably be well aware, HTL is an immensely long story, and therefore I'd like people to help me out. There are several things needed:

- Addtional programmers: If you are willing to learn the TADS language and install some software on your computer, please contact me so that the weight of the project will be a lot less for me.

- Voice actors: Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, please apply. ;) I'd like to include a lot of voice acting, so I'll need quite a few people to help me with that.

- "The Graphics Man": I myself am blind, so you won't see me including graphics. However, if you think that images are needed, and you are a bit of an artist, or not, please drop me a line. Good communication will be required since we'll have to figure out where exactly the image should be put and all that, but that's for later.

- Playtesters, naturally. I've already got a few, but if you feel likie being added to the list of people who will get the goods first, do let me know.

- Music composer: Is there anyone of that calibre out there? I already have someone working on this part of the game, but it would be really nice if I could get someone else to help out, so some decent tools will be needed for that. If you do have those, you know where to find me.

Well, actually, you don't, but that's why I'll give you the contact info. You can post in the tread, of course, but I4d like it if all the people interested would please contact me personally, thank you.

MSN Messenger:

Voila, that's it. If you have any questions, feel fre to post in here or mail/IM me. I hope there will be many people interested, it'll make the development stage last so much shorter.



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Hmm.....sounds very interesting.....but it needs a loooooooot of work....and unfortunately big projects with a lot of work are usually abandoned after a while :(


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Originally posted by TCSTigersClaw
Hmm.....sounds very interesting.....but it needs a loooooooot of work....and unfortunately big projects with a lot of work are usually abandoned after a while
Not that I'm about to volunteer, being busy with Standoff and UE2, but the reason why big projects are usually abandoned is because everybody decides that the project will be abandoned, and therefore do not offer to help. It never occurs to them that their help might be the difference between cancellation and completion :p.


Well, the project's not cancelled at this time. ;)

However, I have had only one person volunteering for voice acting so far. I could do the coding all by myself, and am willing to do so if necessary, but I really DO need voice actors, without them I'm dead. sure, I can make the game, but it will be a LOT less fun, and will make it a lot less fo an interest to anyone, so there.

All the best,