American Way Helps WC4 Take Off (December 3, 2018)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
In the run up to Wing Commander 4's release, Electronic Arts kicked off a massive marketing blitz that included theatrical trailers before movies and a full court press in printed material. Highlights included its record setting budget, gorgeous live sets in the background of FMV and advanced integration with the gameplay. WC4 was popping up everywhere - even in the air! LOAF recently found this in the December 1995 of American Way, American Airlines' in flight magazine. "It's a movie. It's a space combat game. It's the most excitement you'll ever have on your PC." And they were right!

A few weeks ago I read an old article about marketing Wing Commander IV that mentioned they ran an ad in American Way, the in-flight magazine of American Airlines. It didn’t say what issue, so it took a bit of trial to find... December 1995! ... and if anyone wants a fat stack of old airline magazines from the eBay lots it took to find this they are free to a good home. Does anybody preserve these?
Original update published on December 3, 2018