AI Discussion (NO WHINING!)


What are the differences between the various difficulty settings in P:R?

I've tried everything from easy to insane (for some reason I haven't tried "impossible" or "easier" yet) and I just don't see any change in *difficulty*. There's a slight change in "style", but it seems to be equally hard or easy to kill a given (group of) opponent(s), regardless of setting.

In vegastrike.config, there are two parameter that depends on difficulty setting, "turn_cheat" and "ai_cheat_dot". The former is a boolean set to true for all settings except for "easier" (the easiest), so it really isn't too interesting. The latter value decreases for increasing difficulty setting (with the exception of "easier"), ranging from .999 (Easy) to .98 (Insane and Impossible).

Are there other elements, i.e. in the code itself, that are affected by the difficulty setting?

Also, there appears to be a problem with (Shelton) sliding and the AI: When the AI attacks a stationary target, it is often seen circle-strafing the target. That is, continually pointing directly towards the target while sliding around it in a circle. This is not possible for the player, since any change in direction (velocity vector) MUST be in the direction the ship is facing. The AI appears to have complete freedom of movement, whereas the player is limited by the implementation of the Shelton Slide.


the difficulty setting controls whether the files in ai.easy ai or ai.hard are loaded and a few vars in vegastrike.config that control how well they face your ITTS cursor

you can edit ai/events/ to make them have different behaviors on medium and it won't affect easy

basically the big difference is that on ai.easy they hardly evade when you smack them
on ai (medium) they will occasionally barrel roll (military will often do so on any setting)
on ai.hard they will barrel roll the minute you break through their shields really--quite annoying