Admiral Tolwyn Does It For The Kids (June 20, 2013)


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Flixist has conducted an interview with veteran actor Malcolm McDowell. The main focus is on his new movie, A Green Story, but the interviewer covers his career as a whole too. Mr. McDowell has a pretty charming answer when asked about his connection to Wing Commander. Check out the full article here.

This isn't your only project at the time. In fact you seem to be in everything, always. How do you survive such a crowded working schedule?

As they say in AA, one day at a time. It?s no good looking too far ahead; you?ll freak out. I just learn what I have to learn, get that right and worry about the other stuff tomorrow.

You do a lot of game acting as well and started pretty early before it was even a thing with Wing Commander. What got you into that?

I love it because it?s the kids that plays these games pretty much, although not always. I think everyone loves to play them now. The first one I did was called Wing Commander and it was so popular all over the world and I was amazed at the kids that became fans because of it. I always thought it was always good to give the youth something back and I?ve been very aware of that.

Are you working on a game now?

Yes I am. I?ll tell you what it?s called (pauses to think of the name) The Elder Scrolls: Online. I haven?t done it yet, but I?m starting it in July. It?s just fun. And with such great characters. I did the Presidnet in Killzone. That was very popular too. Then we did the on camera stuff and they shoot you with 360 cameras all over a cage with little dots on.

So will you be retiring any time?

No. Actors don?t retire. They just fade away.

Original update published on June 20, 2013
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One of my favorite video game characters of all time. Admiral Tolwyn was a great character. And it's hard to believe they found such a great actor to portray the role.

I have trouble seeing him play a Wing Commander game(I'd imagine he's more into tennis or golf or something more outdoorsy), but I enjoy the fact he gave a Shakespearean Patrick Stewart-esque performance for Tolwyn and really captivated myself at least as an audience.


Big fan of his work, and the perfect actor for the role. Thanks Malcolm for lending your talent to the genre!