Additional Info on Allegiance, see News on Source code release


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This is what I am referring to.

Not only has the source code been released, the game itself is now legally available at this place. The only costs you will have are online fees and lots of time spend playing the game.
You can find the community here.
The reviewing of the source code has already started, a CVS system has been set up to control the developement somehow.

It is possible to create your own Wing Commander faction, you can already create your own models (Fighters, Interceptors, Capitol Ships, Carriers and bases). Editing tools can be found here.

If you got any questions, feel free to ask me here or on the Free Allegiance Boards.
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If you mean this ship, then it's the Gunship. I don't believe Allegience ships have names besides that.

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Not that one, the one I linked to in my news post today.

(... which I just realized hasn't been published yet. Nevermind.)


I played Allegiance for about 3 years. Bob, what was your account name? Mine was simply Antman, and still is on FreeAllegiance...


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lol. :)
Stubby little ship.
Lower left side, Giga Corp Interceptor.
Right upper side, Giga Corp Scout.
Ship leaving the drydock, Giga Corp Light Cruiser.
This is an Iron Coalition Stealth Fighter,

And yes, the ships have special names, but noone uses them. :) But when you select the ship on the load out screen you can read it in the description.

It wasnt exactly free ware, it was more or less "free warez". The download was illegal, but MS did not give a damn. Now that it is legal, we can advertise it.


All that this Allegiance thing means to me is that maybe now EA finally could see that a kickass massive multiplayer online game doesn't need to involve knights and smelly medieval people.

A Privateer Online makes so much more sense than an Ultima Online in so many levels.

Cheers to Microsoft for giving the source to the fans. I hope this becomes more usual in the future.


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Is that 35mb client really the full game as you bought it on CD? Didn't it have any movies or such that needed more room?
(I only ever played the demo and it didn't catch me all that much back then)


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It had a crappy intro movie, that's the only thing not on the disc (and DX7.0). It is as small as it is, because all the wav files have been compressed to ogg and are being decompressed during the install.


I'm a Linux user. And I don't think Microsoft should ever be miss spelled.

Afterall, if it weren't for them we probably would still be buying Amigas at $1000 (+?)

Sometimes a great evil is needed to make great changes that benefit all. Even though, I do admit that such evil has to dissappear once its job is done.

Now, on topic, all I ask is EA releasing a new WIng Commander for both, Linux and Windows.