Actual Speed for ships

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Gods, Im really not thinking
here I was making some calcs to decide how long it would take for a ship in my rpg to cross part of a system, when I realized all my previous calculations where absurdly wrong, and I dont know how the hell they just kept on going wrong again and again

That last number, 150.000.000kps would be for 40 seconds, and not 40 hours
Dont ask me about the 540bi....I still dont understand how I made this calc several times and still got the same answer

The fact is, in the end, you need 41.666kps to cross the km between the sun and Pluto in 40 hours. which I guess could fit in the "Scoops closed thing"

just in case Im making a completelly stupid calc again...

Time in hours = 40, times by 60 = 2400, times 60 = 144000 seconds
Distance =

Distance divided by time in seconds = 41.666,666...kps

::Kalfor goes rest his sickness out before he makes more calculation mistakes::
no not repressed, far from it, in fact, just didnt see it is all, i apologize, mabey i shoulda known, but math is lame and i never did any good in it anyway, more of a history buff myself.

hell if u ask me how many casulties at the battle of falkirk in scotland i can tell u that though


Kalfor, why are you using periods instead of commas: Is that how brazilians write 6 billion? Just curious. :)


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Yeah, your like, giving me severe culture shock exposing me to Foreign Countries and all...

I think it's odd indeed that the Cerberus only has six pilots, and I would argue that they had more but you always seem to need a pilot to fly the shuttles (they mention this in several cutscenes, not to mention the mission where you have to go rescue the wrecked liner).

I don't think a Cruiser would need the same kind of Fighter Activity as say a Midway class carrier, but all the same, if you have the fighters, why not use them? Also, normally, a cruiser would act as an escort, or at least with a battlegroup, cutting down on the numbers of patrols it needed to fly but we don't see that either.

And one more thing...since the Cerberus only has six pilots, they can't run patrols while they are doing a strike or a search with all the fighters.

In essence this makes every mission a "magnum launch", kind of stupid when you think about it (How many times did you have to haul afterburners back to save the Cerberus from attack?).

There's something very un-tactically sound about this...


Starkey said:
It doesn´t keep half of its fighters up most of the time. The Cerberus has 30 fighters (6 Wasp, 6 Vampires, 6 Panthers, 6 Shrikes and 6 Devastators). What I wanted to know is how they manage to rely on only 6 pilots to fly all of them.
True. Cerberus should have had a full squadron so that they could field a full fighter flight and a full bomber flight at the same time (all the Panthers/Shrikes or all the Vampires/Devastators), or to be able to field all the Panthers/Vampires for patrolling or to use Panthers/Wasps or Vampires/Wasps for intercepts.


iceblade -> yeah, here we use period and comma on numbers the other way around. Periods separate every 3 numbers, and a comma separates the decimals, like 3.400,30
It makes sense if you think of how you say that number

And on the Cerberus, yeah. It doesnt make any sense to have 6 pilots. Any type of mission would be suicidal as you cant do anything without risking the Cerberus be left "unprotected", not to mention as already said the stress on just 6 pilots

It (SO) was a special situation. The Hades probably has 20 pilots in a normal situation


Jason_Ryock said:
20 pilots for 30 fighters and two shuttles? Somehow I don't think those numbers quite match up...
Actually that might be pretty close, they've got to sleep sometime you know. I actually wouldn't be surprised if there are enough pilots for planes on a carrier/cruiser, or maybe a few less for downchecks.

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