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Is the website dead ? I mean, there are no updates any more... fortunately, the mailing list is still alive...


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It's been a long time since I've been there, but it was updated since I've seen it as well. I assume it's as dead as Johnny Lee Miller's film career. :)


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No, it's not dead. There just hasn't been any reason to update it, really. The PBMs are done by e-mail, and WC news is covered by the CIC. As anything otherwise important to the club comes up, it will be displayed.

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I don't think the mailing list has been updated in a while...I'm still not getting any e-mails, and I've sent 3 mail updates in the past 2 months.


The guy who used to do the mailing list has dropped out. I've just started doing the list now (on a fortnightly basis) so if you want changes made, please drop me a line at

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