Academy cartoon and Payback


I just finished watching some episodes of Wing Commander: Academy and I started wondering something. Payback, Blizzard, and a few no named characters are certaintly humanoid looking but they don't have the standard skin pigmentation of humans. So are they some sort of allied alien species with Confed, are they products of fetal exposure to types of radiation, albinos, or what?
Just curious and wondering if anyone knows anything.
I just think it is just environmental related. Most of the characters come from different planets, with different climates and conditions.
Thanks for the post. I have to agree with you that its probably enviromental. After a couple of hundred years in space I'd be suprised if the environments weren't starting to affect the human genome.
Of course it could always be blue drinks, Gatorade and Powerade havent been around that long yet! :)