Absolute Territory Releasing September 1st, 2020!

Is this something you're intending to continue working on in the future, adding more polish in here and there or would you consider this game complete and only looking to do some debugging?
Absolute Territory needs more polish. For example, the in-flight HUD has been brought up many times.

I'm also going to implement online leaderboards for Squadron and Gauntlet, and achievements definitely need to be included. I'll be reviewing feedback and looking to improving.

I do not consider AT to be complete and I do intend to keep working on this release. There are many other features I'd like to add. But, I'd not want to talk about what they are until I am happy I can actually get round to putting them into the game.
I feel like the hitboxes are also a little unforgiving, kind of like Privateer 2, so if I had one recommendation, it might be to open those up a bit, at least for shield impacts.
New 1.0.2 opens up the hitboxes on all fighter craft and made some adjustments to the early weapons to make them feel more effective at long range combat.