A Wing Commander Comic


A truly excellent comic. I hope to see more of your work! I read a couple of other webcomics - my favourites are a couple of Warhammer 40,000 ones - but wondered if there could be a full Wing Commander WebComic with a strip every week or so - perhaps tapping the artistic resources of the whole Wingnut community to make it. Then the 'current strip' could be put on the CIC front page and would look Really cool. Your artwork should showcase the project.

Either way, I would love to hear more of the Kilrathi pilot's story.

A pleasure to read sir, well done indeed.

well.. to me it is looking like the response has been nothing but great.. so I am going to give it a go..

I don't promise any sort of regular shedule.. but it was fun, and something I'd like to continue doing.

Thanks again to all who commented!
Here is the first two pages of the next set
I'm still working on font choices.. so far everything I've tried is pretty ugly, so bear with me on that

and I, personally am not planning to color them, but if there is a talented color artist out there who wants to try his luck, I'd be more than happy to credit you.

In this first one, we find out that our hornet pilot from the previous set isn't as dead as our friend Kal Shintar thought he was.

In this one, we get a first glimpse of the Bengal class carrier they fly from, the TCS Falcon, although that name might change as there *may* already be a falcon class cruiser.

The Bengal Carrier is a cross between the super wing commander, tv cartoon, and wc1 game versions and I admit I gave it a slight ammount of the arena treatment, but it turns out that the WC1 version of the Bengal is totally boring to draw :p
Very nice! Halcyon... is that the Halcyon?

I like what you did with the Bengal. I mean, honestly, I don't like it quite as much as I like the original and the Acdemy version, but your version is very pretty too, and undoubtedly more interesting than a 100% faithful reproduction of one of the other versions would have been.

Also, is that S&R ship based on anything in particular, or entirely your own invention? Either way, I'd love to see some drawings of what it looks like (since these two pages don't show too much). Doesn't have to be as polished as these ones - even rough concept sketches would be nice.
Nice. The spaceships look great, and the battle scene has a very dynamic feel. The only thing I don't like is the ugly font. A 'comic book style' font would be better. Something like this:
Which font is that? I might try it if I knew its name. Also that is not *the* Halcyon, its *the* Halcyon's son, and now he is a pilot with a very big chip on his shoulder.
Cool, I hope you keep it up, because it's looking very good :)

By the way, it looks just fine in black and white, but someone could give it a try, and see if it looks good with color
That's funny. Just last night I was thinking "It would be really neat to have a WC Comic online!" and blam, here it is the next day when I check the CIC.

Great job, Ninja, and thanks for letting me know I'm psychic! :p
In this one, we get a first glimpse of the Bengal class carrier they fly from, the TCS Falcon, although that name might change as there *may* already be a falcon class cruiser.
There is a Falcon class light corvette mentioned in Fleet Action. This may be what you are thinking of.

Keep up the good work on the comic.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. You have a lot of talent!

I have 2 questions:
1. What software do you use to make/produce this comic?
2. Do you use a drawing tablet?