A question Privateer-Freelancer



First of all new here.

And I had no idea that privateer was still active.
I still have P1 and P2 on orig. disks.

and recently got P2 the Darkening running on Win XP


I have/am just started playing a game called Freelancer (2003 I think)by Microsoft.

And it is so similar to Privateer series. I was wondering if they are related?

(note) seeing some posts I noticed EA is not regarded well here either ~~~,
They are not in C&C universe either-Longtime C&C,Renegade aficionado


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Freelancer was initially developed by Digital Anvil, Chris Roberts' company. Microsoft bought DA and released Freelancer under its name. So there's the connection.

EA is actually very well regarded here. For all its faults, Wing Commander would not have been what it is without EA supporting Origin, even if it did ultimately shut it down.


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Always good to see a friendly ship!

As Wedge said, the two games are similar because the Roberts were involved in both of them.

We have no qualms about EA around here...if you are referring to the recent letter thread, that's actually something different. It's not a hatred of EA as much as frustration with how the gaming industry works now.


well thanks.

it seems I misinterpreted regarding EA.

I always liked EA, But a lot of C&C fans are not happy with them.

Btw, without start a new thread, would you know of any Utility apps for Freelancer?

Am trying to find out.

Model viewer,file extractor,Mixer,Editor

An App I can use to modify game, as in animations,models,characters,textures,skin, etc..

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Ouch, yeah--that's hard to believe. I enjoy C&C and I'm amazed that EA spent as much money as they did trying to revive it the last few years... they threw away millions and millions of dollars and didn't get any return.


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...for the record, I didn't even get into C&C until the First Decade. Of course, I enjoyed Tiberium Wars and Red Alert 3 (yet to grab Tiberium Twilight - and yes, I know it's drastically different in game-play), but I had no clue it was such a big money burn for them. As a complete outsider to EA news, etc, it seemed like things were going well for them to be spending so much money on it.


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The worst thing that ever happened to C&C was the cancellation of tiberium - renegade 2 was so close ;)
I said it in the letter post too but C&C is a quality example of how a series can be saved, and sadly doomed by idiots, admittedly on both sides (not bigging up the co-op side in C&C4 when it was so great in ra3?) but mostly by petty critics who have nothing better to do. Personally I hated C&C4, but i still recommended it to everyone I know because it was a fantastic game, absolutely wonderful, it just wasn't redalert (yeah, i've been waiting for a red alert sequel that actually captures the red alert spirit for over ten years!), but I won't get my beloved game if C&C dies. And in the meantime, we get great rts games that I want to play and enjoy, who cares if they've changed the main game mechanic - I can still install ra1 and play a bit of that for the old ore-trucks and mammoth tank fun :)

Anyway, rant over!

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I can still install ra1 and play a bit of that for the old ore-trucks and mammoth tank fun :)

I can't - I've gone through three installs (original disc, online download, The First Decade) and the game invariably hangs on the first or second mission. I gave it up.

Love Red Alert 2, though, and the A Path Beyond stand-alone Renegade fan game is first-rate. I remember seeing screenshots of EA folk gamely trying out the beta back in 2006. Fantastic game. I heard that EA's C&C community manager finally retired a few months back; too damn bad. I never knew the guy, but he'd been doing it since Zero Hour, and watching all the old hands fade away is just too damn sad.

In regards to Freelancer, I spent some time trying to mod the game, years ago, when I was just a kid and the game was still young. Try either Lancers Reactor or the-starport.net (I think the latter has taken over as a community hub). You probably still need a copy of Milkshape 3D and HCl's plugin for that program to import-export ships (he almost singlehandedly made the modding scene, oh yes). Things are a lot more sophisticated now than when I worked with it; there are things like FLHook that streamline multiplayer and bloom and things I can't even begin to contemplate. Stuff like that silly community-wide restriction on cloaking has been lifted. It's bittersweet, looking at how far the game's come now and recalling my own personal involvement with it, which fell apart because of some bizarre chain of events that angers and depresses and shames and saddens me all at once. I wasn't even that important; never really wanted to be, but somehow I ended up being so; and I live with that guilt to this day. Too bad, too damned bad.

Anyway, I'm sorry for venting that. I just needed to get it out somewhere. I hope that I've at least managed to point you in the right direction.


Renegade is still going, but it is dying a very slow and long death.

Servers where I am up untill bout 2 months ago, have never been empty,

for the first time AOW was empty for about 3 hours. it has not been since ,but a sign.

Then there is the REN X- still in beta after 2 years (I think)
Although it is being done by fans basically, may not survive.

Runs on UT3 engine, I have not been able to try it, crashes on splashscreen.
They say it will get to be a stand alone, but Im not betting on it.

But TBH we still have new players joining it believe it or not...


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But TBH we still have new players joining it believe it or not...

Definitely easy to believe, because we still have new fans discovering Wing Commander. These days they're most often turned on to the series by the Wing Commander Movie or Wing Commander Arena, and then they find their way here and start exploring other parts of the series.


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Well Bob McDob I remmeber the effort you put into Freelance moding and id say you did a good job.
As to original post yeah StarLancer and Freelance were Chris Roberts idea of rebooting WC in new setting and new engine.