A Near Miss! (August 28, 2020)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
The missile tanks would've obviously appeared alongside the laser tanks in the various ground missions. The frigate isn't as clear... it was replaced by destroyers (the ship that delivers Paladin is a destroyer labeled frigate) but it's not clear if that means one of the Victory's escort destroyers would've been a frigate or not.

Six-Gun Slim

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On that note, what is the canon armament for the frigate? Looking at the model, there are four mounts for laser turrets and two missile launchers? Any ideas what it was supposed to fire?

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Victory Streak says three laser turrets and two FF missile launchers, although the model has four turrets and two launchers.

The versions in Wing Commander IV had four laser turrets... the missile turrets are still visible on them but they aren't hooked up in the game. (They do file CSMs when scripted in missions though!)


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If you want to see it fly and fight, you can use the Wing Commander 3 Mission creator written some years ago by @HCl to set up a battle involving any of the craft in WC3, including the Frigate! I could well be remembering this incorrectly but I have a feeling it fires lots of missiles in combat.