A list of Privateer gun stats


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I was curious about the gun stats so I googled them and figured it would be something off here. Ran into a link to a site that had some pretty interesting statistics. Even claiming the ones on wcnews were wrong, so I thought I'd post them here for anyone else to see/critique.



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Interesting. I always felt that meson blaster to be the best early game gun and the Tachion the best late game gun. The Energy/sec stat is interesting, does that depends on the engine type/boost ? Energy generation is the same in all 4 crafts with the basic engine type?



AFAIK, the energy-per-second numbers in the table are simply the energy-per-shot multiplied by the refire time, and thus describe how much energy each gun consumes per second.

What intrigues me is how little spread there is in DPS between the guns--in the original Privateer, the Tachyon gun is the only one that is more than 50% greater DPS than the weakest gun (lasers).