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I was looking around the forms and see some of the ideas for fighters. I was wondering why has no one tried to make something out of something more then an image. I maybe out of line saying this but I haven’t seen anyone else say it or something like it. But I think that someone has the skills and the time to try and make something out of all the ideas of fighter for wing commander. And yes I’ve also realized that most of the people how can try and at least make a 3D model out of them have a lot on there plats already but someone else may have the time and skills to give these ideas some life. I would like to be able to be the one to help but I am unable to. So I ask those how have the skills to help start things off if they can. Also there are the artist how can make up some other pics of there creations to help if not the modeler then others to get a better idea of what there creations look like. But this is only a thought I had to tell everyone about


And because physical Wing Commander models always end up broken into itty bitty pieces :(.


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I'm a little confused by your post Milatry but.. I did try to make the Puffer ship based on a image that was out of the WC Arena Manual, http://www.crius.net/zone/showthread.php?t=22977 if that counts to what you were looking for. Also I made the Charon from an upside down Orion pretty much to have something a little different but based on something from the WC Universe here http://www.crius.net/zone/showthread.php?t=23221 , Also made up the Artemis class for the WC:CD mod http://www.crius.net/zone/showthread.php?t=22977 I'm still a little confused by what you mean are you looking for something more original that isn't based on anything? or a model to use?


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Ok my grammar is bad but I am trying. What I’m trying to ask is if some one if they can make a 3D model of some of the fan created fighters. Because by someone making the model someone else will take the next step and convert the model to a game so others can play with them. That’s what I’m trying to ask others about. In that way someone can help people like me to play the same game in another way and help breath new life into an old game a lot like a mod but smaller. I had a lot of fun replaying Secret Ops using a different fighter then the ones in the game.