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Capn Johnny

Cap'n Johnny

Or Kamekh?


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Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
I've always liked how the Privateer Kamekh looks like a SWC Snakier with wings and a cockpit.


Great screenshots guys. The android docking securty guy IS a robot with a human face. I would think to give it a more personable/approachable aura.

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
I believe so... he may be used in Bioforge, though (I know the SWC shuttle is also the Bioforge shuttle...).

(Also this-thread-relevant: The Centurion cockpit was reused in the intro to Metal Morph.)

Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
Bandit LOAF said:

Or... Kamekh?

Yeah, that's my favorite one of all. I actually started modeling it a while back, but stopped abruptly because I'm a lazy bastard.
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Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Yes. But don't trust me - trust science:


(The green one is used in the Armada intro... but the actual Lexington is a big gray rectangle.)

Capn Johnny

Cap'n Johnny
I dont know.. the models seem similar enough that they could be the same ship.. perhaps the in-game model was just VERY poorly built?


Victory, you say?
Yeah the gray one just look like a game engine version of the green model. With a paint job.