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Capn Johnny

Cap'n Johnny
Claw? Or Lex?


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Are you sure TC?
I he a human with an armor or a cyborg?
Or a Robot with an humanoid face,eh?

Bandit LOAF

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'Claw -- though it appears in the Armada cutscenes, it's not the Lexington that you see in the game... (which is gray and wider).


(1) Armada version Claw
(2) Snakeir
(3) Gladius (Armada, I believe)
(4) Fred.
::shakes cobwebs outta his head::
Oh, I'm sorry: Cockpit from "Shockwave Assault", a game that I could never get to run on my PC, so I returned it. :(


Bearded Person
I hate that damned robot. He let the damned retros get away with my damned Steltek gun. Though, I wouldn't mind having that quad-barrelled gatling neutron gun of his.


Bearded Person
Whatever he is/was, I wanted to crack that glass shell over his ugly, bald head and punch him repeatedly. With that gun, I'd have made short work of the Retros.

Btw, after you kill Brother Jones (that's his name, IIRC, right?), exactly WHO does the bombing on the planet? I mean, whoever did it, I sure had a good laugh at their shattered altar. I wish there'd have been the option "Piss on the altar and insult their mothers"


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::hysterical laughter::

Aahhh . . ::wipes tear from eye:: . . ah, man, I needed that. Yea, that's the one, alright. Whew . . . That's funny stuff :)