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Ok, I've been thinking of a fanfiction to write. *cough* I know you guys aren't big fans of it, but I wanted to write a fan fiction describing my own personal thoughts on the loss of the 6th fleet during the WC2 games. My questions are attempt to gather all the canon facts about what we know about it so that I keep within those guidelines.

1. Where exactly does it take place (I remember that it's in denab, but didn't know if there is something more specific)

2. what major ships were invovled both Terran and Kilrathi.

3. Were there any icons of the wc universe invovled established characters in the books games or anything?

4. I know the fleet was destroyed, but were there any survivors?

5. what is the exact dates between when the fleet is dispatched to when it is destroyed?


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Almost done catching up on the threads from while I was away.

1. It takes place in the Midgard System, Deneb Sector (which by the moderning reckoning is actually the Midgard System, Antares Quadrant, Epsilon Sector). This was established in, of all places, a Privateer bartender speech -- though the Midgard System itself was first visited in the original Secret Missions.

2 & 3. We don't know anything about ships or characters involved.

4. Yes. The Concordia fights a delaying action in Special Operations 2 to allow surviving elements of the Sixth Fleet to regroup.

5. The fleet was always there, holding the human portion of the sector.

The story is that Thrakhath sent five carrier groups to Ghorah Khar, ostensibly to retake the system. The Confederation rushed to respond to this attack... and while the navy moved to defend Ghorah Khar, the Kilrathi launched their real offensive - a quick attack to invade the Deneb Sector. They defeated the Sixth Fleet at Midgard and captured Deneb Sector Command within six hours. In terms of gameplay, this all took place during the two Ghorah Khar series' in Special Operations 1 -- which was 2667.094 to 2667.097.