3DO Sampler #5 Found with Wing Commander 3 Clips (February 2, 2020)


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Nathan Sestrich has found and posted the 3DO Video Sampler #5 from 1996. As someone who worked in video game retail around the turn of the millennium, I find these to be incredibly nostalgic (and historic!) time capsules, but finding one with Wing Commander is a special treat. We previously reported on 3DO Interactive Sampler #3 which included a playable demo of Wing Commander 3 (that you can download from the CIC and play on your 3DO or a compatible emulator!). As WC3 was a superstar of the console, it's no wonder that the game shows up on multiple discs/video compilations. The 3DO port included revamped missions, graphics, weapons and features, so it's worth checking out. You can currently find LOAF and Dundradal playing through the game in the latest episodes of All Wings Considered. If the clip below doesn't autostart at Wing Commander, jump to 17:26.

3DO Company Video Sampler #5 VHS demo/sampler video from circa 1996. I believe this was issued to Electronics Boutique and/or Babbage's. Tried to list the included titles below. Video begins with an explanation/demo of the 3DO system's capabilities, then on to the titles below. I am pretty sure some of these titles never saw release, especially since they are referencing the Goldstar 3DO, which was at the end of the system's life.

Games featured include:
  • Blade Force
  • Killing Time
  • Captain Quazar
  • Battle Sport
  • Star Fighter
  • Golden Gate
  • Phoenix 3
  • Snow Job
  • PO'ed
  • Primal Rage
  • NHL Hockey '96
  • Space Hulk
  • The 11th Hour
  • Flying Nightmares
  • Foes of Ali
  • PGA Tour Invitational
  • Shock Wave 2
  • AD&D - Deathkeep
  • Ballz - Director's Cut
  • DOOM
  • Wing Commander III
  • Slam N' Jam '95
Original update published on February 2, 2020

Bandit LOAF

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VERY COOL FIND! Here's a picture of the actual VHS tape. These were sent to buyers and also stores... back then it was common to have a VCR display set up to play trailers for upcoming games in stores. (The Interactive Sampler discs were a bit different, they were intended for end users.)

As far as dating this, I think the original poster is wrong in saying 1996... which I suspect is because it includes several '96 editions of sports games. They're correct that three of these games were never released (Golden Gate, NHL Hockey '96 and The 11th Hour)... but all of them had been cancelled by Christmas 1995. I think this is a Q3 or Q4 1995 tape. (They note that the Goldstar was later in the 3DO's life... but the Goldstar 3DO released in 1994 and the company had dropped support in 1996, so that doesn't tell us much!)