3D Print a Delightful Set of WC Medals (December 19, 2018)


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Wingnut V0g3l has an incredible holiday treat for fellow Wing Commander fans! Many have talked about this before, but to the best of our knowledge, he's the first to make a complete set of Wing Commander 1 medals and ribbons thanks to a combination of 3D printing and artistic skill. Available here are the Bronze, Silver and Gold Stars, Golden Sun and Pewter Planet - plus pilot flight wings and a lovingly crafted and authentic set of campaign ribbons. And it's all neatly packed together in a Wing Commander-themed box. He's posted all of the 3D files that your printer needs at the Thingiverse along with detailed instructions. Super cool!

Don't know what to do during the holidays? Print a Wing Commander medal set!

I have tried to be as accurate as possible. To create your own Wing Commander medal box just follow the steps below and take your time.

Have fun.



The best way to print out the individual orders is in Metal Filament. This makes them look very real just because of their weight. Afterwards they can be sanded and polished. To make the metals look real you can use either electroplating or gold leaf/silver leaf.

Medals grosgrain ribbons
  • Gold Star/Medal of Honor is 30mm green
  • Bronze/Silver Star is 25mm blue
  • Golden Sun is 30mm

I used and impregnated 30mm and wide grosgrain ribbon. Then I was able to colour the individual ribbons with green, blue, red and money. This takes a very long time and you must not soak the ribbon too much with paint, otherwise it underflows.

Then the ribbon pieces are glued onto the ribbon.stl pieces. To fix the ribbon temporarily the part ribbon_rail.stl is included as a help.

When everything is ready you can put the single pieces on the ribbonmount.stl.
If you make your own set, be sure to send us pics!

Original update published on December 19, 2018


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Oh, wow. That is remarkably cool. Even more than the medals themselves, I'm impressed by the full set of ribbons. Fantastic.


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Well done! Those medals, ribbons, and custom box (!) should be considered for some kind of award!

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