3070 RTX issue


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Greetings pilots.

I have had an issue with my main rig, which I have sort of ignored until its broken.

Before Christmas, I had an issue where the machine wouldn't post
the error code was one beep and 2 shorts beeps, which, on an American Megatrends Bios is GFX failure.

this happened a few times, but hard powering off the machine would usually take it to the bios on reboot and from their I oculd get it to post. I tried reseating the card and this seemed to fix it,
in january, last week, it got worse, this happened multiple times until the machine will not post,

so I am now tending to failed graphics card. I am going to take it to our works IT department, but any thoughts from you here? when the machine posted, it was flawless, no issues. can only imagine either the cards died or the pcie slot is busted on the mobo.

O nthe plus side, i might finally get through privateer 2 and wing commander 2 on my general purpose PC, before hitting Wing III
Sounds like it might be just mechanical; if it were me I'd:
  1. Thoroughly clean the edge connector on the card with some IPA.
  2. Blow out the PCI-e socket with some compressed air (e.g. canned, but be careful not to get any moisture in there).
  3. Make sure the card is mounted securely with minimal stress on the socket, i.e. no sagging. In some PC cases there can be quite a bit (too much) play where the bracket screws in, which can cause issues. Testing with the case on its side (i.e. card upright) might be worthwhile.
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Thankyou for the advice
Ok, when its in the workshop I'll give it a thorough going over with the IT crew and with the compressed air gun
I tried reseating the card (which fixed it temporarily) but never thought to clean the socket edge connection with solvent
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right we did all that and flashed the bios, currently seems stable, touch wood. will benchmark it overnight and see if its still on in the morning

Update: seems fine, thanks for the help @AllTinker
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