265 days to D*C 2004!


Bearded Person
Judging from the picture, you probably should've used it to shave.

Frosty, most of the swords here (even if they are sharp) are only about $40. So, GeeBot, yes, I could probably afford one.

Of course I'd be mundane. I don't even drink. I might would go to a bar with some of the CIC crew, but I'd be the guy who sits in the corner with a scowl, quietly nursing a glass of Mt. Dew, constantly shuffling a deck of cards, and keeping a wary eye on everyone who comes close, as if I have some sort of secret enemy to watch out for. Then, when you would least expect it, I would invite a handful of random strangers to a game of BS without explaining the rules (assuming they don't know the rules).

When I was finished in the bar, I'd toss a couple bills on the table (without regard to the actual tab I'd run up) and stalk my way out the door, stopping once to watch my back, just in case . . .