2006 Adventure


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Yay! I'm on the plane now ready to fly to New York. Hades is already at Joe's house. On Saturday, ace, Blonde and I train down to Baltimore to meet them at LOAF's house. Frosty will be there too, and on Wednesday we fly to Atlanta to meet Halman, Death and more people. Hopefully it doesn't go too fast.
Yeah, hope you guys have a great time! Looking forward to the DragonCon updates from the mobile CIC. :cool:


On the train to Baltimore now. ace and Blonde are watching Cube Zero. The New York stuff went really fast. Picking up a rental car and heading to LOAF's after this. Traveling makes me feel like I need a shower.
I still haven't recovered yet. I'm really tired. Still, at least I didn't get sick like I normally do just before and for a few days after arriving home. Lots of people seem to suffer like that.. there's even a specific term for it.. "con crud".