2 questions about secret ops and prophecy and some Ideas for mods

1. Is anybody making single missions or small sets of missions for the simulator in secret ops anymore? (instead of the conversion mods like Unknown Enemy. Don't get me wrong I love that mod but the time it takes for it to be produced leaves me to hungry for more. So in between the big releases the sim missions are greatly appreaciated)

2. Why the heck was Hobbes not included in the sim missions pilots select like thrakath was those two were the most influentual Kilarathi in the WC Universe?

3. This is just an opinion But wouldn't it be cool if Jazz was also included in the voice comms and video comms packages.

My Idea for a mod and please feel free to steal this cause I am not a modder but would like to see this come to light some day is: A Campagne with completely new ships that you fly and old ships that are upgraded with really high powered technology.

This would take place between the nephilim backing off for abit to regroup so they would have only minor parts.

The Plot is that before Tolwyn commited suicide he made a deal with the devil that one day he was resurrected with an army of dead former Confed, Borderworlds, BlackLance, and Kilarathi pilots to bring the downfall of Confed, Borderworlds and the remaining Killarathi and set in motion the true armageddon.

The dead army would contain good guys and bad guys as for some reason Towlynn was able to get all the dead major players of the series involved. So we would see a return of hobbes, hawk, dallas, angel, hunter, iceman, flint, valqero, vagabond, catscratch, thrakath, knight, jazz, spirit, seether, and many others who have died. also demonized versions of the tigers claw and the concordia would show up.
you would have to use samples of past games or find lookalikes or soundalikes to do this.

Also one cool Point of this is that people argue if Blair is dead or not so what I'm gonna say is that he was dead and ressurected by god or a good being to stop this impending doom and he is back to his wing commander three and four kick ass ability cause you play as him. (this is sorta like how they brought back Goku and Vegita to stop Majin Boo in DBZ) with Casey, Mystro, Stelleto, Zero (My personal new favorite character from the prophecy series, in my opinion he should have been the next Blair, thats just my opinion though), Maniac, and a Bunch of new guys and gals.

other than that its free reign after that. Though I have a few requests if someone does this:
1. Let me know and keep me updated about it.
2. when Its time to test let me be a tester.
3.it would be cool if someone could make a new pilot called CyberDemon and Let me do the voices for it
4.Please put me in the credits.

thats about it.
I hope that someday this actually is done cause it could turn out to be real cool and a really neat addition to a game that is so diverse.
I also think this would work because there are prophecies and revalations all through the whole series so adding a supernatural twist to the series would just add that much more to a series that origin abadoned and lives on only because of its fans.


That has to be the most ridiculous mod idea I have ever heard.:mad: This is Wing Commander not Dungeons & Dragons, or Dead Horse Beating Z otherwise known as Dragon Ball Z. A better idea would be something more believable, like a secret Tolwyn network had come together to bring down confed. Sort of like all the neo-nazi groups trying to bring the 4th reich. But dead people flying? And what are they flying? Ghost ships? How do you kill someone whose already dead? :confused:

Oh and you asked more than 2 questions...:p
The only reason I would like to see this mod is because I would like to see a revival of dead characters cause to be honest the bugs sucked. they weren't inovative and they lack a true leader. As I said the bugs were a prophecy and if you've seen the book of revelations then you would know that there are prophecies of armaggedon. So why would that be impossible that a great war between resurrected heros and enemies could take place between the current accomplement of Pilots and bringing back a (often argued is he dead is he alive which I don't care to argue) Hero of the whole series for a end to a major evil.

And lets face it Towlynn is one evil sob and I wouldn't find it above him to do such a thing before his death.

(I am not a religious freak but some of the stuff in those books are an interesting read and could bring some cool plot lines.
Also some stories in wc series aren't always that believable anyway I don't care how your gonna argue this if Hobbes is a kilarathi and your in a deadly war with his species and he defects he isn't gonna end up being a colenol no way in hell. To much to risk, he might get asylum but thats it. Do you see my point Anything can happen in wc even my mod Idea, as in real life things can happen but not to that extreme but wc being a game it doesn't live by the strict rules of the real world.)
and ghost ships why not but more in a sense of superior technology. nobody said they were immortal remember ressurection from ultima if your teammate got killed you could rez them and fight again but they can still die. I was simply meaning aces really hard pilots with a grudge


It sounds interesting, is definitely a new vision in the WCU but you need a little more, like a super-special-alien-league, you could bring the Vorlons,Shadows and Firekkans, and they kick some serious Confed-BW-Kilrathi-ass to Zha´ha´dum!
Then when all seems lost Blair is revived and with the help of Kirk,Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts kicks Tolwyn ass, then is revealed to the player that Tolwyn is the 9th Stalin incarnation that cannot die, until Jesu and his sidekick Byydo stabs him with the dagger of Ammon-Ra (thanks to Laura Bow)



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I will assume you were overcome by temporary insanity and tone down my responce accordingly. Demonized version of the Tiger's Claw???!!!! Dead pilots flying???!!!! Deal with the Devil???!!!! Dude, this is WING COMMANDER, not DOOM or RTCW. You want the old characters in a new game? Simple, make a mod that is the Kilrathi perspective of the big war, or a mod where you are part of the task force that hunts down the Black Lance after WC4.
in response to ghost I'm not sure if you were making fun of me and now that I think of it maybe I went a little to out there but still It would be cool in an alternate reality (basically like a twilight zone in the wing commander universe where some how demension gates are open). But the dbz reference was not to include them in the game but just an example of what I mean't by ressing blair to fight off the dead army. But I will lay that to rest since no one thinks this would make a cool story. However what you said about some crossovers with all those races of aliens and different universes could work and not in the story but a spin off alternate reality like (the Twilight zone episodes mentioned above) say wc universe vs. starwars (star trek wouldn't work because of the fact the ships are like capships compared to wc and starwars) sorta like the marvel vs. dc comics series where the universe combined into the almagon universe ( I loved that crossover comic series) and a blair vs. luke wouldn't be so strange since the fact that the Joker and the Hobgoblin existed in the same universe for a very short time. See when I think of the Joker and the Hobgoblin I think Mark Hamill Cause He is the guy who played the characters on saturday morning cartoons when I used to watch. I have gone so far as implementing my idea for this crossover on starlancer but It always dies in the first mission with all ship slots filled up with the wc ships and the starwars ships. but its a cool idea anyhow.
but I don't understand why so much of the wc community is against alternate realities with a twilight zone feel to it. I know there are strict rules for the stories but then again alternate reallities could bring some unique possibilities.
hey aries yes I was but I also had read a post about how that Rachelle Corilis was the trader and not Hobbes. Very unique view but that also goes against the whole wc universe as well. some food for thought :)


Originally posted by DoomsdayPlague
hey aries yes I was but I also had read a post about how that Rachelle Corilis was the trader and not Hobbes. Very unique view but that also goes against the whole wc universe as well. some food for thought :)

Wow, how is that food for thought...
I want you guys responding to know that I don't want you guys to think I'm getting hostile with you. I'm just trying to explain myself so please take no offense. even if you get hostile with me cause I'm all for critizism :D

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That guy.
As far as that mod idea goes, yes it is very....out there... Although I would like to see a revival lof old characters as well.....but not like that :(


Originally posted by DoomsdayPlague
In a past thread somewhere on these boards from about a week ago. not exactly sure though.

I think that was a stupid theory (Ripper maybe?)
well I can't mod so I can't make it happen but if it strikes an idea for a mod go for it cause I Love the prophecy engine and the secret ops engine and we need more good mods on this one instead of the other ones.

Hey quick question for anybody reading this who thinks zero would have made a better lead character? I know I do.
Or whoever you think would have been better than casey from the current roster of pilots?


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Originally posted by DoomsdayPlague
hey ghost what do you think of a twilight zone type campaign between the wc universe and the starwars universe:D

there is a fan fiction about a Star Wars/Wing Commander campaign. It was actually kinda good, except for the part about Pilgrims really being some kinda Jedi and Blair and Luke fight (not gonna say who, in case some want to read it without knowing what happens) in a lightsaber battle. Those parts got really stupid, but the rest was classic WC with some SW thrown in.

heres the site

and Doomsday, anyone would have been better than casey. I mean, who wants to play a guy who would rather dream about Blair than talk to Finley :D