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    WC: 4 Question

    a lot of FF missles help. Launch them all and usually they take a couple of them. Move in and finish off the rest.
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    The Behemoth in WCIII was a stupid idea

    Well it does seem that, based on the events of hte battle of Earth and based on what is said by Tolywn in WC3, that the Terran High Command KNEW that they were losing the war. And once the battle of earth was done, it seemed that every longshot that they had was being pushed forward before they...
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    15 Years of Wing Commander - What Was Your First Time Like?

    My forray into the Wing Commander Universe started with the purchase of Wing Commander 1 for the SNES in 1992. I dont' know why I bought it, but I did. I did not think I would ever play a game that would rival the drama and passion that FINAL FANTASY 2 brought, but I was so engulfed by Wing...
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    WC fans are Republicans?

    While I fear that some of the above does pertain to the thread's subject, I do think we should keep the focus on the Wing Commander Universe's political views. Finding parallels between politics of that world and our own is fine, but making political statements designed to inflame is not going...
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    The Behemoth in WCIII was a stupid idea

    Very True. Based on the fact that the majority of the Kilrathi's Warmaking capabilities are on Kilrah, it seems that either 1) while the Behemoth was powerfull enough to destroy Kilrah, they needed to rely on stealth to actually get it into position to fire. That means there was no public...
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    WC1 Wingmen

    In the SNES versions, I would afterburn right towards the enemy. The Wingman usually lagged behind. ONce I got some distance, I would give the order to break and attack or to attack my target. I would then turn around and accellerate right at my wingman. Usually, even as the enemy woudl go...
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    Initial reaction to WC movie in '99

    Well, that too, but it was getting to know the characters you were flying with and getting to take on the Kilrathi the way it was done in WC1. I was happy with the movie, would have been more happy if it was more a direct port (ie, Paladin had been already on Tigers Claw; more of the 'classic...
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    Initial reaction to WC movie in '99

    As far the movie went, I would have been hapier if they had dropped the whole 'pilgrim' thing and instead concentrated on what made WC 1 so great.
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    The Behemoth in WCIII was a stupid idea

    One case to remember is that Tolwyn makes it clear there was not enough time to finish the defensive shields and armor of the Behemoth; nor was there time to install turrets into the weapon. Once that was made clear, I would have had a mandatory several cruisers always on those 'week...
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    Jump Points

    It has been a very, VERY long time since I have read a Wing Commander novel. It may well have been a BattleTech or ALIENS/PREDATOR novel though where I read that.
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    WC fans are Republicans?

    BAck to the subject at hand.............. Yes the 'left' portrayed in that one WC novel where the Kilrathi faked the truce to attack Earth does have a lot of converts here on Earth as we speak. I imagine, for example, had the Soviets in the early 80's decided "Ah to heck with it" and charged...
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    Kilrathi names

    I always loved the name Bahktosh Redclaw and Buhrak Starkiller, both of them Kilrathi Aces in WC1. I imagine they were more "notorious" and thus were given those names more as code names for Terran purposes then anything else. Just lik e"Heart of hte Tiger"
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    Jump Points

    I always had the belief that a Jump Point in WC is similar to how they are in Battletech, where they have to be so far away from a star and away from the electromagnetic gravity reach of it in order to generate a jump field. But the difference was that in BattleTech, a Jump Point could be used...
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    Your first Wing Commander game?

    WingCommander 1 on the SNES. Only Final Fantasy 2 had every 'brought me into' a game like that did back in 1992.
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    Dating the Uniforms

    Good review of the uniform, dude. Well done. Keep in mind also that WC 3,4, and Prophecy were done, that there is only so much a production can spend on costumes and they did a good job at designing functional attire for the military setting that WC usually is.
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    Captain-Admiral Eisen

    I'm sorry to hear that Jason Bernard is dead. I genuinely liked him in the films I have seen him in (LICENCE TO KILL, some others) and thus was always happy to see him in the role of one of my favorite game's of the 90's in WC 3 and WC IV
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    Initial reaction to WC movie in '99

    Thanks guys. ONce I saw that scene at the end of SM1, it really more defined the entire saga for me. I know realized I was up against an entire race and culture and stuff like that, and that I was not up against some cat's in Dralthi's, for example.
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    Initial reaction to WC movie in '99

    Yeha, and that is what made them a more detached enemy. It is like seeing the enemy thru a gun sight and firing and then actually seeing what you are up against up close, that is how I felt when I saw that part at the end of Secret Missions 1, i was like "WOOOH!!!"
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    Battlestar Galactica SEASON ONE DVDs on 9.20

    A huge fan of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, awesome series.
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    WC fans are Republicans?

    Well, I thought I detected a slight slap against Hillary Clinton in the book where the Kilrathi fake the peace treaty, there was something about a character that was betraying the Confederation that reminded me of her. To answer Dragon's question, I believe that while planets of the...