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  1. Sylvester

    Moving On (May 14, 2024)

    My guesses: 1. The empty freighter chassis (bottom row, third from left) 2. The shuttle (third row, first on left) 3. The frigate (third row, far right)
  2. Sylvester

    Goodbye Klavs (May 13, 2024)

    Almost exactly 12 years ago, I was a newly commissioned Ensign in the US Navy and I was stationed at NAS Pensacola in Florida for initial flight training. NAS Pensacola is also home to the National Naval Aviation Museum. In addition to many wonderful aircraft, it also has an art gallery of naval...
  3. Sylvester

    Read About How the Iconic Sound of WC3 Was Born (April 14, 2024)

    I love both George Oldziey and George Sanger's respective scores. Is there a reason why "the Fatman" wasn't asked to come back for WC3? Was it mutual or did Origin decide to go in a different direction?
  4. Sylvester

    Vintage Prop Action Delivers Glorious High Res Costume Pics (April 2, 2024)

    Ranks are Space Forces Captain, Space Forces 1st LT, and Admiral?
  5. Sylvester

    Is there any information available on how WC1 & 2 in space gameplay/graphics were created?

    Add to that point that most of the biggest fans of the Wing Commander IP may have "aged out" of a lot of PC gaming. Take me for example - I'm 34. I turned *one year old* a day before WC1 released in 1990. I joined this forum in 2003 when I was 14 and at that point, every official WC title except...
  6. Sylvester

    Unexpected ending on last mission of Special Operations 1 (WC2)

    Sorry I should clarify - *all* hostile ships will explode, not just the targeted one.
  7. Sylvester

    Unexpected ending on last mission of Special Operations 1 (WC2)

    I seem to remember there's a bug that if you have a target locked and are in anything but forward cockpit view, the lock won't break regardless of the distance. In forward cockpit view, you normally lose lock around 20 klicks. Because it doesn't drop the lock in the alternate views, the targets...
  8. Sylvester

    Unexpected ending on last mission of Special Operations 1 (WC2)

    Did you happen to be in the external view at the time?
  9. Sylvester

    Unexpected ending on last mission of Special Operations 1 (WC2)

    It's also possible that both Fralthras were attempting to fire on you, but instead kept hitting each other with their AMGs.
  10. Sylvester

    Wing Commander Prophecy wont run on my hp laptop

    Have you tried any compatibility steps beyond the open GL patch? My next recommendation would be to right click on the executable and run it in Windows XP compatibility mode.
  11. Sylvester

    What is the name of that table and the structure

    There's a whole host of monitors in Primary Flight Control (Pri-Fly) and the Carrier Air Traffic Control Center (CATCC) showing the status of various aircraft flying around the ship. In CIC, there are several overhead status screens and then a bunch of individual consoles. There's even a big...
  12. Sylvester

    Happy 25th Birthday Wing Commander CIC! (August 10, 2023)

    "It's been a long road...." I see what you did there...
  13. Sylvester

    Extreme 3D Pro Not Working with Wing Commander 4 (GOG)

    Another thing to try - go into control panel -> devices and printers -> game controllers -> (Note - these steps are for Windows 10 - it may be slightly different on 7 but if you search "game controllers" in control panel, you should find it. Ensure that windows sees your joystick - if not I...
  14. Sylvester

    Wing Loader (KS/WCDX) Loader & Voice Over Mod

    @Destro - I had a thought. You pulled the audio from the Sega CD for Wing Commander 1. If the community got together to record lines, would it be possible to add voice calls in for SM1/SM2 and WC2?
  15. Sylvester

    Wing Loader (KS/WCDX) Loader & Voice Over Mod

    It's too bad we never got the Sega version of WC2 so the same sort of audio inclusion could be done.
  16. Sylvester

    Am I bad or is the game just hard?

    So it's counterintuitive, but the difficulty setting in WC:SO (and all it's derived games, including Standoff) affects the skill of both the enemies **and your wingmen**. It's actually easier on Hard or Nightmare because your wingmen skills also improve and the Confed ships are generally tougher...
  17. Sylvester

    Wing Loader (KS/WCDX) Loader & Voice Over Mod

    Destro this is awesome! One thing I would add for the WC2 section is the steps for folks to get SO1/SO2 from the CIC webpage - those expansions also didn't come with Kilrathi Saga: Steps should be near identical to SM1/SM2 download: put the...
  18. Sylvester

    Strike Commander Intro Recreated in DCS

    This was a neat find:
  19. Sylvester

    New 3D Thread

    1. I love everything you're doing Klavs! 2. I find it funny that the "new" 3D Thread goes back 11 years...
  20. Sylvester

    Ultima VI Intro Provides Glimpse at TV Feature Proposed for WC2 (December 5, 2022)

    A bit off from the original post topic - but after reading the initial script - was Hunter supposed to be shot down by the Stealths in the "mission 0" (red shirt reference) which is why there are no eyewitnesses for Blair?