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    Tigers Claw Barracks

    I believe the door on the right leads to the briefing room, whereas the door on the left brings you back to the bar. Of course, that's the airlock next to the lockers.
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    Has the wing commander movie killed the franchise?

    Puh-lease. I remember being a young little Wingnut and trying to pass "frak" by my parents after seeing it on the original Galactica. I suppose it's a good thing it didn't go over well, because I wouldn't want to be one of the kids these days using that pseudo-curse -- using "frak" is more worn...
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    Has the wing commander movie killed the franchise?

    Where have you been for the past thirty-one years? "Frak" has been a part of scifi since BSG originally hit the scene.
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    New Gamefaqs Poll feat. WC

    No doubt due to the news the other day about EA looking to revive old franchises, has a new poll of the day on their frontpage, "Which classic EA-owned property would you most like to see new games from?" - and Wing Commander is a choice! The saddest thing, though, at 10:30am...
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    Space Sim First Look: Galaxy on Fire (April 25, 2009)

    After reading the snippet of how the graphics reminded the reviewer of the last wing commander game, but in the palm of his hand (I assume he meant WC:P), I got excited and clicked the thumbnail for a bigger shot. Then I saw there was no bigger shot. Now I'm reminded why I stopped playing...
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    wing commander questions

    Many ages ago, I found a copy of Academy packaged in a jewel case hidden in a Electronics Boutique bin gathering dust. I don't believe it had the awesome manual you're referring to, so buyer beware if you are buying a copy from someone.
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    Jazz vs. Seether

    Isn't there a rule prohibiting things like this? Oh, there it is.
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    How to get a girlfriend if you're a hopeless nerd.

    Then you're not a hopeless nerd. Congrats!
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    New Flight Cmdr Adventure Game - April Fools

    Paladin bears a striking resemblance to Vohaul. I know Paladin put on some weight after being taken off the flight roster, but how gullible are we supposed to be? I believe Chris Knudsen wins the prize: I suppose the question is, was...
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    Destruction of the Vesuvius/Black Lance

    I think that's a fair assumption. Flashpacks, after all, are meant to supercharge the atmosphere within a ship to destroy life support and fry anyone inside. The hull, as well as many internal systems, would remain relatively unscathed.
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    New Flight Cmdr Adventure Game - April Fools

    Seems fishy. In the immortal words of my favorite president, "fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again." Well, sir, I expect you to get fooled again!
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    SWC Tiger's Claw

    Damn, that's an ugly ship(s).
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    Destruction of the Vesuvius/Black Lance

    If you recall, the Intrepid's original objective was not to destroy the Vesuvius, but merely make it to Earth before the supercarrier arrived. Unfortunately, aside from a little shortcut the smaller Intrepid could make, they were going the exact same route, and bound to cross paths. Blair didn't...
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    How to get a girlfriend if you're a hopeless nerd.

    I would never want to be with anyone who didn't know WC4 had the best plot of any videogame every put on a CD (or 6...).
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    Blair Looses it.

    I'd think by the time a pilot experiences the near-death experience and ejects, there would be nothing more to hold in while waiting for SAR. I doubt think the suits themselves would be equipped with the correct hoses/tubes (can you imagine having to hook up hoses and suction cups before every...
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    The Wing Commander of Uprising

    What a nice little nod to WC and McDowell's history working in video games. AD: The people who made the little ad most likely didn't have the WC4 DVD sitting around. The video producing team for RA3 probably just grabbed some promo material from the EA archives or the Internet, the same...
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    Best Wing Commander Add-On

    I would venture that that's the main reason why there's so much confusion over what to call Secret Ops: Difference of perspective. I'd say Secret Ops was a Stand-Alone Expansion. That's even what Wikipedia says. And yeah, I'm one of those Internet idiots that actually believes most of the...
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    Shield Piercing torpedoes

    Gah, AS is my White Whale of WC novels. So many cool things supposedly happen in it.. yet it's never crossed my path long enough for me to grab it. All very true. And don't forget the cartoon had Blair stepping on deck of the Claw for the first time, too; with Tolwyn as his CO, no less! I...
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    Happy Birthday, Wing Commander (March 12, 2009)

    Bravo. You've brought up some things that nobody in the film/media world talk about. Also, reading your statement made me think of something peculiar: What would a movie Shigero Miyamato made look like?
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    Ask Chris Roberts

    Roberts left EA in 1996, after WC4 published, to pursue his Hollywood dreams and establish Digital Anvil. Did WC4 have "A Chris Robert's Game" attached to it?