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    Dead Fan Projects

    You guys need to start doing some advertising then. I'm sure people would love to hear about the projects you work on for a living in addition to the WC ones you do in your spare time. And when I say I'm sure people would love to hear, what I really mean is I'd love to hear.
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    Guns? What are your feelings?

    Why shouldn't the government know? To me, the idea of licensing guns makes sense. Just like vehicles, they are things that people own that can cause a lot of damage if used irresponsibly. For both, I think a means of holding people accountable is prudent.
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    Hellcat on G4

    They were talking about obtaining models online. I would guess they just downloaded the source files for the Hellcat paper model available online and opened it in the paper modeling application.
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    Hellcat on G4

    Flipping channels on a commercial break for Children of Dune I came to "Attack of the Show" on G4. They were talking about paper models available online and about a software program to generate them. Demonstrating the software, they were showing the Hellcat model. Here is a link to the...
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    Jump Point Defense

    Yeah, I'm not sure how the logistics of it work. They have thrusters so maybe they do station keeping to avoid being blown out of the desired area. But if the minefield is dense and stuff starts to be blown apart and debris is flying in all directions, you have to wonder how long it will stay...
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    Jump Point Defense

    Good points Haesslich. I disagree two of them. There was no need for concern of the Kilrathi fleet bypassing Tolywyn and going right for Earth. That would be too far out of character for Thrakath. I also think a minefield capable of delaying, but not damaging, the Kilrathi fleet would have...
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    Jump Point Defense

    You would think they could have used the civilian craft to deploy a mine field, but if Confed was destroying ordinance in addition to mothballing the fleet then they likely didn't have the mines to use. As for mines fields being taken out by probes, you'd have to be using really dumb homing...
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    Militia Paradigms?

    Is there a faction type that cannot own systems? If so, it seems like the militia should be that type. The militia should really just be a subfaction of confed and should not own systems.
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    Jump Point Defense

    Something that always bothered me about Fleet Action is that the jump points weren't defended. As a strangle point, it seems like they would be highly defensible locations. At the very least you'd expect them to be mined or, if more ambitious, why not move the fleet up to defend them like in...
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    Tarawa's flight deck

    Very cool
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    Militia Paradigms?

    This debate seems to skip over one point. Neither Militia, HD, or ISS would have the latest and greatest military hardware. Given WCU I won't mind seeing the militia having some really old, obsolete cap ships but Paradigms do not fit that bill. I can see an occasional use for a militia cap...
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    Tarawa's flight deck

    On a semi-related note, has anyone ever made an attempt to conceptualize the transport class from which the Tarawa-type escort carriers were built. It seems like that would be a good project for a canon referenced ship class for which we have a pretty good idea of the general design features.
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    Hakaga Fighter Compliment

    I finally found a previous thread discussing this: The issue is of course what the word translated to "eighties" in English means. I think the previous suggestion that it could be a quantity like our dozen has some...
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    Hakaga Fighter Compliment

    I am sure this has been postulated, but I couldn't find a thread talking about it in a quick search. The generally quoted figure for the fighter compliment of the Hakaga is 288. The quotation in Fleet Action is "three eighties and six eights of strike craft and fighters." Thinking that...
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    A New Sound from Deep Space...

    I think this is awesome work. I know very little about music, but yet I am really into scores and how they can, by themselves, tell the emotional side of a the story. I think this does a great job of staying true to both WC and Origin as a whole. I really love the soft romantic interlude in...
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    Buyable Ships

    It would depend who you are buying from. I am sure that at a price a person could find someone to sell them a military issue fighter.
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    My IQ is 124...

    Lots of people use hotmail accounts as garbage addresses for email they don't want but may still have to check to get an activation code or the like, so it isn't necessarily a bad idea.
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    Stiletto and Morningstar

    Maybe the Stilletto could have a lot more capability with better systems. It seems to be relegated to a lot of behind the lines patrol action, maybe it is supposed to be a cheap fighter. Surely a Morningstar could also be less well equipped and be considered a lighter combatant, so they need...
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    Who is going all the way this year?

    I've always thought it funny that Sox fans can call the Yankees an evil empire. I mean they are, a team that doesn't even worry about developing talent when they can just buy it and pay four of their players the more than half of the other teams pay their entire rosters and they payout twice as...
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    Admiral Or Captain Wilfred

    Maybe the military should institute such a policy to bolster recruitment and retention?