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    Wing Commander Music Awards

    3 & 4 had great music in the fmv sequences, but as for in game music I'd probably go for WC2. Seemed to fit in best for me.
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    Help with WCMC equipment please

    OK, look at today's military and think about what it'll be like in 400 years time then. How's that then? Or just watch Aliens...
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    Help with WCMC equipment please

    From what I recall, wasn't the WC equipment pretty much the same sort of stuff as what troops use today, only updated? So just basically use modern marine equipment as a basis.
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    Game intro poll

    WC3, just over 2 & 4. Look at 3 and it sums up the war with the Kilrathi, the loss of the Concordia, Angel in trouble, Blair on an ancient carrier. With 4 the later scenes are more important. 2 has helplessness as the Claw gets destroyed, the inquiry, the hopelessness of getting posted...
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    Anyone else play the guitar?

    I have a guitar and I can make noises with it, but playing is a bit beyond me. It's a crappy Encore strat. I'm more of a bassist, just been looking into getting hold of a five string Ibanez.
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    Ripped off from a very short lived character in Empire Strikes Back, given to me because I always used to sit on the rear facing seats on buses and it stuck. Amazing what happens when you're a kid...
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    Birthday Presents!

    I haven't been about for ages and am late anyway, but I'd still like to say congrats to the team for making through another year - and thanks for a great site :D
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    WC: Mission Editor?

    Try the CIC files section at
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    WC: Bridge Commander?

    I see where you're at LeHah. Just some of us think it would be cool to have an official (yeah, I know, as if...) game set in the WC universe which did that. Isn't going to happen, of course, so modding is the only real option.
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    What would you want to find in a fighter?

    Back to the physics;) Junior is right, forces due to rotational inertia create an effect similar to gravity. Look at the giant centrfuges they use to test astronauts, which go up to about 12g iirc. The force isn't directed down towards the earth, but outwards due to centrifugal force...
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    What would you want to find in a fighter?

    Not to mention what sort of g-forces you would pull at that sort of rotation.
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    WC: Bridge Commander?

    Armada did give you the chance to control a carrier, but all it featured was fighter combat. Now commanding a capship against fighters or other capships is a different matter. Imagine leading a wing of corvettes against a battle group, that's the sort of thing that I'd want:)
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    The worst chewing out

    Too right, you'd finish a mission and she'd bite your head off, going on about how you should try to bring a little more of your ship back next time... Maybe she thought the Nep were armed with water pistols?
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    Who here is a Kilrathi sympathizer?

    The Kats are a suitibly respectable foe and to have a kittie barbie would be a bad idea - imagine all the fur in your teeth. Anyway, there more fun to fight than the Neph or the BL.
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    Favourite WC3 FMV sequence

    The destruction of the Behemoth/Angel's death sequence was excellent. As was Hobbes's explanation as to why he betrayed Blair.
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    Hey Guys - New member here...

    Maybe you should put something like that up someplace really obvious LOAF. Although I expect nobody will bother reading it before posting those sort of questions;) An as-good-as-your-gonna-get beginners guide to quite a bit of WC sort of thing...
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    if you had a kilrathi dreadnought and a few trillion credits?

    Exactly. What good was that really powerful gun then? So we need massive numbers of escorts. Which use their weak weapons to take out the other ships. How many fighters would a ship like the Behemoth need for effective protection?
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    if you had a kilrathi dreadnought and a few trillion credits?

    But a powerful weapon that can't hit anything is pretty useless. How would a Behemoth cope against a wing of bombers or a couple of corvettes?
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    But compare that with a T-bolt and her Plasma, Photon and Meson guns. It might be slower but those guns and the protection more than makes up for it.
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    if you had a kilrathi dreadnought and a few trillion credits?

    I'm still waitng for someone to come up with the convertible option;)